Household Goods

Kitchenware Made in USA

18 Kitchen Products Made in the USA


“You can’t buy anything made in the USA anymore.” That’s certainly what most folks think, but let me tell you ...

mattresses made in usa

Mattresses Made in the USA (9 Options I Found)


With many companies opting to manufacture overseas in a bid to reduce costs and increase production, it is becoming harder ...

rolling pins made in usa

Rolling Pins Made in the USA (6 Options)


Every avid baker owns at least one rolling pin. However, not every avid baker knows where their rolling pin was ...

glass pitcher made in usa

Glass Pitcher Made in the USA (Can You Buy One?)


Glass pitchers are great at bringing an extra touch of class to the dinner table. While not everybody uses glass ...

smoke detectors made in usa

Smoke Detectors Made in the USA (Do They Exist?)


Hopefully, every home in America is fitted with at least one smoke detector. Smoke detectors are a crucial part of ...

paper towel holder made in usa

Paper Towel Holder Made In USA (3 Options)


Millions of households throughout the US own a paper towel holder in their kitchen. That said, not many Americans know ...

laundry detergent made in usa

Laundry Detergent Made in the USA (5 Brands to Look At)


Almost everyone uses some kind of laundry detergent to wash their clothes. While there are many brands out there that ...

quilts made in america

Quilts Made in America (6 Companies)


These days, lots of companies are turning to overseas manufacturing in a bid to reduce costs and increase production. Luckily, ...

curtains made in usa

Curtains Made in the USA (Can You Buy Them?)


These days, more and more people are trying to buy from local businesses instead of ordering products that are imported ...

comforters made in usa

Comforters Made in the USA (Check These Out)


These days, many companies are opting to move manufacturing overseas. This can have a damaging effect on the environment as ...

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