Where Are Shark Vacuums Made? (I Did Some Research)


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Shark vacuum cleaners can be found in countless homes across the US. They are reliable and efficient making them an excellent choice for use in the home as well as in various places of work. In this article, I’ll be looking at where Shark vacuum cleaners are made and who makes them.


Who Makes Shark Vacuums?

Shark vacuum cleaners come under the umbrella of SharkNinja. According to the JS Global Lifestyle Co., LTD. Wikipedia page, SharkNinja was owned by JS Global, an investment holding company. But this has changed recently. In July 2023, SharkNinja spun off from JS Global and became a publicly listed company on the NYSE.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot more information out there regarding who makes Shark vacuum cleaners. This is mainly because the company separating from JS Global is something that happened not long before this article was written.

That said, according to the SharkNinja website, Shark is a brand owned by SharkNinja. So it won’t be long until the other sources update their information.

For those who like the official terms, SharkNinja is known as SharkNinja Operating LLC in the business world.

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Where are Shark Vacuums Made?

According to Forbes, Shark vacuum cleaners are manufactured in China. While the company’s headquarters is located in Needham, Massachusetts, and it does have various supply chain systems in countries worldwide, China is where its vacuum cleaners are made.

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While its products are made in China, it looks like they are made by SharkNinja as it doesn’t seem to have any third-party companies that manufacture its products. This was according to numerous online sources, including BaliSharks.

If you were looking for vacuum cleaners that weren’t made in China then we have a few articles that you may find useful.

History of Shark Vacuums

The Shark brand was founded in 2007 by Mark Rosenzweig. Mark had previously been running his family business called Euro-Pro Operating LLC. From the way it is worded on Wikipedia, it looks like Euro-Pro Operatting LLC. was the predecessor to Shark.

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Shark teamed up with Ninja and became the now iconic SharkNinja. In 2015, SharkNinja made a name for itself in the UK by selling quality vacuum cleaners under the brand name Shark.

In 2017, JS Global, an investment holding company took charge of SharkNinja. However, this didn’t last as in July of 2023, SharkNinja separated from JS Global and became an independent public company.

According to the Shark website, the company was named the number 1 vacuum brand in America in 2020.

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