Glass Pitcher Made in the USA (Can You Buy One?)


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glass pitcher made in usa

Glass pitchers are great at bringing an extra touch of class to the dinner table. While not everybody uses glass pitchers, those that do, swear by them. As more people turn to local manufacturing, are there any companies that manufacture glass pitchers in the USA? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Companies That Offer Glass Pitchers Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found 3 companies that offer glass pitchers made in the USA. They are Lehmans, Simon Pearce, and Coastal Farmhouse.

American Made Glass Pitchers (What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which companies offer USA made glass pitchers, let’s look at each one in more detail.


Unfortunately, due to my location, I wasn’t able to access Lehmans’ official website. Because of this, my information comes from Google meta descriptions, customer reviews, and third-party websites.

Lehmans was founded in 1955. Its purpose was to serve the local Amish community with non-electrical household goods. Over the years, the company has grown to become an internationally recognized company and its products have become commonplace in people’s homes all over the US and many other countries.

As for the company’s manufacturing location, It looks like the company does manufacture some of its products in China and other countries. However, it does also manufacture a fair amount of its products at its facility in Ohio.

Lehmans Glass Pitcher Made in USA 1


According to Lehmans’ meta description regarding its glass pitcher product, it is made in the USA. See the image below for details. Here’s a link to Lehman’s American made glass pitcher.

Lehmans Glass Pitcher Made in USA 2


Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce is a glass-blowing specialist that produces everything from drinkware and bowls to candle holders and home decor products.

Simon Pearce’s glass-blowing workshops are located in Vermont. It is here that a lot of the company’s quality handmade glass products are produced using high-quality American materials.

Simon Pearce Glass Pitcher Made in USA


For those wanting to take a look at some of Simon Pearce’s American made glass pitchers, take a look at these.

Coastal Farmhouse

It is worth noting that I couldn’t find that much information about Coastal Farmhouse as it doesn’t have much of an online presence. The information for this one comes from a popular and trusty site called The New England Trading Company.

The New England Trading Company specializes in selling American made nautical themed products that are made by various local businesses. According to its website, at least one of Coastal Farmhouse’s glass pitchers is manufactured in the USA.

Coastal Farmhouse Glass Pitcher Made in USA


Here’s a link to Coastal Farmhouse’s American made glass pitcher for those wanting to take a closer look.

Glass Pitchers that People Wrongly Assume Are USA Made

One company kept popping up during my search for American made glass pitchers. However, after taking a closer look at the company, it turns out that it manufactures its products in China. Here’s what I found.


Susteas is a company that is most well-known for its kettles. That said, it also offers a couple of lines of glass pitchers. I came across numerous Amazon listings, all stating that Susteas pitchers are American made.

However, after looking closely into the company, it looks like its products are manufactured at facilities in China. I could find no real evidence of Susteas making any of its glass pitchers within the US.

Susteas Glass Pitcher Made in USA


So, if you buy a glass pitcher from Susteas, then you will most likely receive a Chinese made product.

A Question For The Readers

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