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Kitchenware Made in USA

“You can’t buy anything made in the USA anymore.” That’s certainly what most folks think, but let me tell you there are a surprising number of American made kitchen products on offer. Not everything you could ever need in the kitchen, but a lot of the stuff you use daily could be changed to American-made if you wanted it to be.

We put together a list of our favorite items which you can view below.

All-Clad’s D3 Stainless 3-ply Frying Pan


This frying pan from All-Clad features a tri-ply construction that bonds 2 layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core to ensure you get quick and even heat distribution when prepping your favorite dishes.

It’s just the right size for easy flipping and tossing and can be used with all cooktops. All-Clad is extremely proud of the fact that they bond, engineer and assemble this pan (and many others in their range) in Canonsburg, PA.

Jacob Bromell’s World Famous Grater


The Jacob Bromwell World Famous Grater is not just an ordinary kitchen tool; it’s a piece of American history. Crafted with unparalleled quality, this grater offers fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces plus a slicer, making it a very versatile kitchen aid.

The company’s roots stretch back to 1819, and stands as a testament to American craftsmanship and tradition. Proudly made in the USA, this grater is built by artisans to last for generations (there’s literally a story of someone who got in touch with the company after inheriting a 100+ year old grater).

Lodge Cast Iron’s 5 Quart Double Dutch Oven


The Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven is a versatile, 5-quart piece that features a lid that doubles as a skillet, so you get two pieces of cookware in one.You can use this for a wide range of cooking methods from searing and baking to frying and simmering.

Lodge Cast Iron, established in 1896 and still produces this product (and many others) where it all started, in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

John Boos & cO Cutting Boards


John Boos & Co.’s cutting boards combine craftsmanship with functionality. Their collection features cherry, walnut, and maple woods, designed for durability and aesthetic appeal, with options like standard edge grain or end grain for enhanced durability. With rectangular and round shapes with juice grooves to prevent countertop runoff available, there’s a perfect fit for any kitchen style.

Established in 1887, John Boos & Co. manufactures its cutting boards in Effingham, IL.

Fiesta’s Pastel Bistro Dinnerware Set


Fiesta, with its vibrant history dating back to 1871, has become synonymous with colorful, durable, and American-made dinnerware. This particular set (they have many others), is ideal for serving four, and includes dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls, all featuring a modern coupe shape for a touch of sophistication

The company produces its dinnerware in Newell, West Virginia where it was originally designed and produced nearly 75 years ago.

Rada Kitchen Knives


Rada produces a range of different knives designed for a variety of tasks including paring, peeling, slicing, and more. Each knife is crafted with surgical-grade T420 high-carbon stainless steel for durability and sharpness.

Rada has been going since 1948 and is proud of its American heritage, manufacturing all of its products 100% in the USA with materials sourced domestically.

Nordic Ware 4-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set


The Nordic Ware 4-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set is a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen, featuring a slotted corner spoon, pasta fork, turner, and stirring spoon. They are made from BPA-free and melamine-free plastic, and are suitable for use up to 400°F.

Nordic Ware, although it doesn’t sound it is a family-owned American company with over 75 years of history. They manufacture this utensil set and many other products at their factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lamson 12″ Pizza Rocker


The Lamson 12″ Pizza Rocker is a great piece of kit designed to elevate your pizza-cutting experience. This rocker boasts signature craftsmanship with American stainless steel and walnut handles, and is both durable and comfortable.

Lamson’s heritage dates back to 1837, and the company remains committed to producing top-quality kitchen tools from its facilities in Massachusetts.

Field Company’s Long Cast Iron Griddle


The Field Company’s Long Cast Iron Griddle offers a vintage-style, double-burner cooking surface that’s ideal for everything from pancakes to holiday roasts. This 100% cast iron, pre-seasoned griddle not only provides a naturally non-stick cooking experience but also boasts a design refined over three years of research, prototyping, and extensive testing.

Field Company, drawing inspiration from the revered cast iron manufacturers of yesteryear, produces all their cookware in the USA using recycled iron sourced from American vendors and traditional sand casting methods.

Heath Ceramics Mugs & Cups


Heath Ceramics’ collection of mugs and cups epitomizes the fusion of timeless design and enduring quality. Each piece, from the Large Mug to the Espresso Cup & Saucer, is a testament to the skillful craftsmanship that goes into their creation, with a focus on durability and aesthetic appeal.

Founded in 1948 by Edith Heath in Sausalito, California, Heath Ceramics has grown from a small studio pottery into a beloved institution, renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. All Heath Ceramics products are made in their Sausalito factory.

Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Serving Spoon Set


The Earlywood 3-Piece Handmade Wooden Serving Spoon Set would make an exquisite addition to any kitchen, blending functionality with beauty. Crafted from durable hardwoods, this set includes a classic ladle, long server, and short server, each designed for specific serving needs.

Earlywood, prides itself on creating heirloom-quality kitchen utensils that are both beautiful and practical. Their products are meticulously made in Montana.

Smithey No. 8 Chef Skillet


The Smithey No. 8 Chef Skillet stands out with its versatile design, perfect for daily cooking tasks. Its unique curved interior promotes easy flipping and movement, while the extended handle ensures safety from heat.

Smithey Ironware, rooted in a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and quality, manufactures this skillet (+ many other items) in the USA.

Clay Coyote Mixing Bowl


The Clay Coyote Mixing Bowl is designed for a versatile range of kitchen tasks, from whisking eggs to serving salads, and is full of thoughtful features like two spouts and high sides for easy pouring and minimal spillage.

Proudly made in Hutchinson, Minnesota, each mixing bowl is a unique piece that reflects the meticulous attention to detail and passion for quality that defines the Clay Coyote brand.

USA PAN Baking Sheets


USA PAN offers a premium selection of baking sheets, perfect for every kitchen. These baking sheets are known for their durability, even heat distribution, and non-stick properties, ensuring a superior baking experience.

The company has been producing high-quality bakeware in the United States for over 50 years and continues to remain committed to American manufacturing, making their baking sheets in Pennsylvania.

Liberty Tabletop Flatware


Liberty Tabletop is well-known for its commitment to American manufacturing. Their flatware ranges from contemporary designs like the Annapolis collection to classic options such as the Kensington line, and even unique patterns like Calavera.

Each piece leverages the finest 18/10 stainless steel and is crafted at their factory in Sherrill, New York.

Anchor Hocking Truelock Glass Bakeware


The Anchor Hocking Truelock Glass Bakeware is a masterpiece of culinary utility and durability. This premium bakeware features a revolutionary Truelock lid, ensuring your baked goods are sealed and stored with utmost freshness.

Anchor Hocking has been a stalwart in American glassware since 1905. From its humble beginnings in Lancaster, Ohio, the company has grown to be a leader in glassware products, emphasizing sustainability and craftsmanship.

Fletchers’ Mill Salt & Pepper Grinders


Fletchers’ Mill offers a wide range of gourmet products, including their renowned wood pepper mills and salt mills. Each product is designed to enhance the culinary experience, featuring stainless-steel mechanisms in pepper mills for a perfect grind and adjustable nylon mechanisms in salt mills for durability.

The company’s heritage is deeply rooted in New Vineyard, Maine, where it continues the tradition of American craftsmanship. Every piece is made in Maine.

Brooklyn Copper Cookware’s saucepans


Brooklyn Copper Cookware’s saucepans are the epitome of functional beauty in the kitchen, featuring pure elemental metals, a custom stork cast-iron handle and are free from chemical lacquer finishes.

The project was born in Brooklyn (hence the name), and each piece is meticulously crafted in the USA across 4 different states.

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