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quilts made in america

These days, lots of companies are turning to overseas manufacturing in a bid to reduce costs and increase production. Luckily, the quilt industry still has a pretty strong base in the USA. In this article, I’ll be checking out the companies that manufacture quilts in the USA.

Please note that to qualify for this list, a company must manufacture quilts. Coverlets and blankets don’t count. That said, if any other companies should be on this list then get in touch via the comment section below.


Who Sells Quilts Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After lots of digging, I found 6 companies that manufacture quilts in the USA. The 6 companies that I found are Project Repat, Matteo, Black Mountain Quilts, Amish Country Lanes, Red Land Cotton, and Prairie Edge.

American Made Quilts (I Found These Brands)

Now that we have our list of companies, let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Project Repat

Project Repat is a popular custom t-shirt quilt company that was founded in 2012. T-shirt quilts are exactly what you think they are. They are quilts made entirely out of t-shirts. You send Project Repat some of your favorite t-shirts and then a team of highly skilled workers turn your collection of t-shirts into a t-shirt quilt.

All of Project Repat’s quilts are made in the USA. The materials used will depend entirely on what t-shirts you choose to send them. This is a fun gift idea for a loved one as it turns something old into something new.

Project Repat’s manufacturing facilities are located in Austin, Texas, and Morganton, North Carolina. Here’s a link where you can arrange to have your old t-shirts turned into a quilt.

Project Repat Quilts Made in USA



Matteo is a luxury linen and fabric company that has been going strong since 1996. It has produced over 6000 unique products for customers up and down the US. Its quilts are highly sought after due to their quality.

All of Matteo’s products are made to order. They are all produced at the company’s facility in Los Angeles, California. American manufacturing is something that Matteo takes very seriously, and you can find out more about its production methods here.

Matteo Quilts Made in USA


Since Matteo’s products are made-to-order, you don’t choose from a range of ready-to-go products. Instead, you design your own. Here’s a link to Matteo’s quilt design page for those wanting to take a look.

Black Mountain Quilts

Black Mountain Quilts was founded in 2006. It is based in Black Mountain, North Carolina and it is known for producing high-quality quilts. The company also produces small handmade dolls and hanging wall art.

All of Black Mountain Quilts’ products are manufactured in the USA. Some are made by hand and others are machine-made. But no matter how they are made, they are all produced in the USA. The company produces its quilts at its facility in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Black Mountain Quilts Made in USA


Here are some links to Black Mountain Quilts’ products for those wanting to take a closer look.

Amish Country Lanes

Amish Country Lanes is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is a company that focuses on selling handmade Amish quilts in the USA. It was founded by John and Arlene Bolk back in 2000.

Amish Country Lanes is a little different from most other quilt manufacturers out there. It doesn’t actually produce the products. Instead, it is a marketplace for trusted local manufacturers to sell their quilts.

Amish Country Lanes Quilts Made in USA


I read through more than 10 product listings on Amish Country Lanes’ website, and all of them had “American made” in their product descriptions. Just be sure to read the product description yourself to make sure that the quilt you desire is one that’s American made.

Here are a few of Amish Country Lanes’ featured American made quilts.

Red Land Cotton

Red Land Cotton is located at the foot of Bankhead National Forest. It is a family-owned business that manufactures its quilts using American grown cotton. The company has been in the quilt business since it was founded back in 1983.

According to Red Land Cotton’s official website, its cotton is grown on a farm in Alabama, and its quilts are then manufactured in Waco, Texas. Here’s a link to all of Red Land Cotton’s quilts.

Red Land Cotton Quilts Made in USA


Prairie Edge

Prairie Edge is a company that is dedicated to preserving the Native American art style. The company is located in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. Its quilts are made by Native Americans all within the USA.

It doesn’t state exactly where its quilts are made, only that they are American made. If anyone knows more about Prairies Edge’s manufacturing location then let us know via the comment section below.

Here’s a link to Prairies Edge’s range of quilts for you to take a look at.

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