Household Goods

duvets made in usa

Duvets Made in the USA (What’s Out There?)


A good duvet can be hard to come by. Unfortunately, with many companies opting to manufacture their products overseas, it ...

bakeware made in usa

Bakeware Made in the USA (4 Companies That Sell It)


Whether you are an avid cook or a casual baker, almost everyone owns a handful of baking utensils. If you ...

usa made spatula

American Made Spatulas (5 Options to Check)


Almost every household in the USA owns at least one spatula. That said, most spatulas that are purchased in the ...

candles made in usa

Candles Made in the USA (10 Options)


These days, candles are usually used for celebrations, decoration, and for emergencies. Almost every household in the USA has a ...

bath mats made in usa

Bath Mats Made in the USA (I Found These)


Bath mats are a popular part of most bathrooms across the USA. Unfortunately, most bath mats are mass-produced at facilities ...

colanders made in usa

Colanders Made in the USA (Brands to Check Out)


Almost every American household has a colander. That said, most colanders these days are mass-produced at facilities in countries like ...

silverware made in usa

Silverware Made in the USA (I Found These Brands)


Silverware is something that is everywhere. Every restaurant, cafe, and most households have silverware. That said, despite it being deemed ...

tongs made in usa

Tongs Made in USA (Check These Brands Out)


Most people own a pair of tongs. Whether for barbecuing in the summer, or just for everyday cooking in the ...

wool dryer balls made in usa

Wool Dryer Balls Made in the USA (4 Brands)


Wool dryer balls help to prevent clothes from sticking together in the dryer. While this may not sound like an ...

canning lids made in usa

Canning Lids Made in the USA (Still A Thing?)


While canning lids aren’t something used by everyone, those who do use them rely on them to keep things nice ...