Curtains Made in the USA (Can You Buy Them?)


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curtains made in usa

These days, more and more people are trying to buy from local businesses instead of ordering products that are imported from overseas. Thankfully, there are a few companies out there that offer American made curtains, and that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Which Companies Sell Curtains Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search for curtains made in the USA, I found 4 companies that offer them. They are Rough Linen, American Custom Drapes, Fashion Window Treatments, and Tlasks Magnetic Curtains.

American Made Curtains (Here’s What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which companies offer American made curtains, let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Rough Linen

Rough Linen is a textile manufacturer that produces everything from bed sheets and wool inserts to tablecloths and curtains. It was founded in 2009 by Tricia Rose. She’s a person with a passion for quality textiles. Fast forward to today, and she has a whole team of talented craftswomen that produce her various product lines.

Rough Linen’s curtains are handcrafted by a team of women at a facility in Marin County, California. On top of being an American manufacturer, the company’s linen is ethically and sustainably sourced. You can find out more regarding Rough Linen’s sustainability here.

Rough Linen Curtains Made in USA


At the time of writing this article, Rough Linen offer 5 different American made curtain product lines. They are as follows.

Custom American Drapes

Custom American Drapes has been offering custom drapes for people all over the US since 2006. It has become a popular company among hotels, businesses, and households everywhere. By only using the best quality materials, Custom American Drapes is able to offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship.

As for its manufacturing location, all of Custom American Drapes’ products are made to order in the USA. The company is located in Brea, California. It looks like this is where it manufactures its curtains.

Custom American Drapes Curtains Made in USA


Here’s a link to the company’s order page where you can look at all of its fabrics and styles before placing an order.

Fashion Window Treatments

Fashion Window Treatments offers curtains of all shapes and sizes to suit all rooms in the house. It has 400 fabrics and trims to choose from, giving you the freedom to choose exactly what you want.

All of the company’s curtains are made in the USA. According to Fashion Window Treatments’ website, all of its products are manufactured at its facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Fashion Window Treatments Curtains Made in USA 1


Fashion Window Treatments Curtains Made in USA 2


Here’s a link to Fashion Window Treatments’ curtain product page.

Tlasks Magnetic Curtains

As you have probably guessed by the company’s name, Tlasks Magnetic Curtains is a company that offers easy-to-put-up magnetic curtains. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out where exactly the company produces its curtains, only that its curtains are “designed and made in the USA.”

Tlasks Magnetic Curtains Made in USA


The company specializes in producing American made blackout curtains that offer great thermal protection. If you want to take a look at some of Tlasks Magnetic Curtains’ products then you can see its whole range here.

Honorable Mention

One company kept popping up during my search for American curtain manufacturers. It does manufacture its curtains in the US, but it looks like all of its materials are imported. While some of the companies on the list above also import some materials, they also source materials domestically. Here’s what I found.

Vermont County Store

Vermont County Store is a website dedicated to selling a whole range of everyday items, this includes curtains. As mentioned above, its curtains are made in the USA. However, they are made using only imported materials, so the company gets an honorable mention.

Vermont County Store Curtains Made in USA


If you want to check out some of Vermont County Store’s curtains, then you can find them all here. Just be sure to take a look at the product description to ensure that the curtains you are looking at are American made.

Curtains that People Confuse as Being USA Made

One company kept popping up as an American manufacturer during my research. However, when I dug a little deeper, this doesn’t actually seem to be the case. Here’s what I found.


Wayfair is a well-known American e-commerce company. It is based in Boston, Massachusetts but it has facilities in countries all over the world. With it being an e-commerce store, most of Wayfair’s products aren’t actually made by Wayfair.

That said, it does have its own brand called Wayfair Basics. Its Basics range covers everything from rugs and mats to lighting, curtains, and more. I came across a handful of sources that have Wayfair Basics’ curtains down as an American manufacturer, this includes the company itself.

After searching on Wayfair’s official website for curtains made in the USA, I was greeted with lots of products. However, when I checked the product descriptions of each line of curtains, it clearly states that they are imported.

Wayfair Curtains Made in USA 1


Wayfair Curtains Made in USA 2


It is unclear whether this is intentional misinformation or just an error on Wayfair’s website, but a handful of third-party websites have also listed Wayfair as an American manufacturer. So, keep in mind that if you buy curtains from Wayfair Basics, then you are more than likely going to receive an imported product.

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