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Paint Manufacturers in the USA (I Found 3)


Whether you are a professional painter and decorator or an amateur painter looking to give your living room an upgrade, ...

paint brush manufacturers usa

Paint Brush Manufacturers in the USA (5 Options)


Most people own a handful of paintbrushes. Whether for DIY, work, or hobbies, paintbrushes are used across a wide array ...

miter saws made in usa

Miter Saws Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


Miter saws are a crucial piece of equipment for workers across a variety of different sectors. These days, lots of ...

bandsaw made in usa

Bandsaws Made in the USA (What My Research Turned Up)


With so many companies opting to move manufacturing overseas a bit to reduce costs and increase production, it is becoming ...

american made plasma cutters

Plasma Cutters Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


With so many companies opting to shift production overseas in a bid to increase productivity and reduce costs, it is ...

soldering iron made in usa

Soldering Irons Made in the USA (Do They Still Exist?)


Soldering irons work at high temperatures, often greater than the melting point of the majority of metals you may work ...

metal files made in usa

Metal Files Made in the USA (Still A Thing?)


If you landed here, chances are you’re looking for metal files made in the USA. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to ...

adjustable wrench made in usa

Adjustable Wrench Made in the USA (What I Found)


An adjustable wrench is essential for any plumber, mechanic, or simply for a tool kit. Having a quality adjustable wrench ...


Laminate Flooring Made in the USA (What’s Out There?)


If you are looking for new laminate flooring then you are going to want only the best. Good laminate flooring ...


Vinyl Flooring Made in the USA (Is There Any?)


Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for those wanting flooring that looks nice, is pretty waterproof, and is easy to ...

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