Our mission at WhereDoTheyMakeIt.com is simple. We want to make the origins of the products you buy more transparent (many companies don’t openly volunteer this information – they should!) and at the same time connect you with products that are made locally rather than on the other side of the world.

I started this site out of frustration. The manufacturing location of products I would buy and use in my daily life was not something I ever really gave a second thought a few years ago. But over time that gradually changed. Just like everyone I guess, I started see to the topic of climate change in the news more and more. I also read, watched, and listened repeatedly about jobs being lost in their tens of thousands every year, as companies continued to move manufacturing overseas in pursuit of higher profit margins. Two very big problems, but what could I do?

It may not be a lot and probably won’t put even the tiniest dent in either issue, but I decided the one thing I could do was to change my buying habits to source and buy products that are made right here in the USA whenever possible. This will hopefully create more jobs locally and cut down on the amount of pollution caused by products being shipped in from overseas by the container-load.

I ended up getting a little obsessed with this “mission” to the point that I started searching for American made products in just about every category. I figured I might as well publish my research on a website so it is accessible to others, and then hopefully these companies producing their products right here in America will get more visibility.