Soldering Irons Made in the USA (Do They Still Exist?)


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soldering iron made in usa

Soldering irons work at high temperatures, often greater than the melting point of the majority of metals you may work with. A soldering iron must withstand this heat, whilst also transferring this heat efficiently to the materials you are working on. In this article, I’ll be looking for soldering irons made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Soldering Irons Made in America (The Short Answer)

Through a lot of research on soldering irons made in America, it appears that there are not many left. I found one business that sells and manufactures soldering irons in the US. That company is Mayer Alloys Corporation.

Mayer Alloys Corporation

Mayer is a manufacturer and supplier of all things metal. It aims to keep businesses’ supply chains as easy as possible. Mayer has been a family-owned business for years and is currently a woman-owned business. The company is recognized as a knowledgeable outlet that provides premium products and excellent assistance.

At a 36,000-square-foot warehouse, all products are manufactured and managed inside this facility. The manufacturing and operating location is Detroit, Michigan, USA. With over 40 years of experience, only experts assist with the manufacturing process and help to provide for small and large businesses. In addition, Mayer purchases scrap metals, making the company an eco-friendly business.

Mayer Alloys Corporation Soldering Irons Made in USA

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Here’s a link to Mayer’s best soldering irons made in the USA.

Honorable Mention

After lots of research on soldering irons manufactured in the US, I found a company manufactured in both America and elsewhere. Often, this is due to financial reasons such as cutting costs. Manufacturing in the USA can be expensive and some companies choose to locate factories in other countries. Here’s what I found.


Weller is a leading profile in the soldering iron market. Founded in 1945, post World War II, Carl E. Weller began his manufacturing business. To this day, Weller continues to produce innovative soldering products across the globe for millions of customers. Each tool provides top-of-the-range performance and efficiency for all workers.

After research on Weller’s website, it appears the company expanded back in 1959. Due to its rapid growth, Weller set up a factory in Besigheim, Germany for further assistance. While some products are made in America, as half the facilities are located in Europe, American-made products cannot be guaranteed with every purchase.

Weller Soldering Irons Made in USA

Soldering Irons That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being USA-Made

After lots of research, the market for American-made soldering irons is on the decline. Many manufacturers and distributors of soldering irons use external locations for the construction process. This can sometimes compromise the quality or the environmental-friendly aspects of manufacturing. Companies choose to manufacture outside of the US in order to cut costs and save money. Here is what I found.


Hakko is interested in one thing. Superior electronic and industrial products for its customers. With over 70 years of experience, and selling in the US for well over 35 years, Hakko is an admired and respected producer of soldering irons and other soldering products. Hakko’s strive to satisfy customers is often met by the company’s high standards.

Although Hakko is one of the best sellers of soldering irons in America, the products are not American-made. Hakko is a Japanese company in its origin and has factories across the globe. Therefore, most products including soldering irons are not manufactured in America.

Hakko Soldering Irons Made in USA

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