Adjustable Wrench Made in the USA (What I Found)


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adjustable wrench made in usa

An adjustable wrench is essential for any plumber, mechanic, or simply for a tool kit. Having a quality adjustable wrench ensures various jobs are completed efficiently and makes for a durable piece of equipment. That is why I have written an article on adjustable wrenches made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Adjustable Wrenches Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I discovered two different brands that manufacture adjustable wrenches in America. These two brands are PROTO and RIDGID.


PROTO now has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing tools. The graft and physical exertion of its customers are mirrored in PROTO’s manufacturing process. The company’s heritage and values are based on the constant dedication to manufacturing high-quality tools for its hard-working buyers.

PROTO constructs and sells durable and high-quality adjustable wrenches that are designed for durability, easy usage, and getting the job done. All of PROTO’s adjustable wrenches are manufactured in the USA, with raw American materials.

Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it guarantees true quality with each and every product due to the usage of only the best materials and national manufacturing.

PROTO Adjustable Wrench Made in USA

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Check out this list of USA-made adjustable wrenches by PROTO.


RIDGID has a century of experience in manufacturing some of the strongest tools available on the market. In 1923, the company’s first wrench was created. Ever since then, the company has been taking great leaps forward to innovating durable wrenches.

The wrenches that RIDGID produces are manufactured for the hardest jobs. RIDGID wrenches are built to last a lifetime and the expert engineers at the manufacturing location guarantee only durable, strong wrenches for the customers. All of RIDGID’s wrenches are manufactured in the USA. The location of the factory is in Erie, Pennsylvania.

RIDGID Adjustable Wrench Made in USA

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This is a link to RIDGID’s USA-made adjustable wrench.

Honorable Mention

I came across one company that does manufacture some of its products in the USA. However, I couldn’t find out which of its products are American-made so it gets an honorable mention.

Apex Tools

Apex Tools was founded in 1890. Apex Tools manufactured its first line of wrenches in 1909. Both industrial and home environments are incredibly demanding of high-quality wrenches that are simple to use, yet durable and efficient when called upon. Apex Tools is considered to be a leading innovator in this field and consistently produces heavy-duty tools for all its customers.

Apex Tools prides itself on the high-quality manufacturing process. However, after researching the business, I discovered that the company has multiple manufacturing facilities across the globe. So, when you buy adjustable wrenches from Apex Tools, it is not guaranteed that it is American-made.

Here’s a link to the company’s wrench page for those still wanting to take a look.

Apex Tools Adjustable Wrench Made in USA

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Adjustable Wrenches That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being USA-Made

After carrying out lots of research, I came across many different brands that sold adjustable wrenches. However, not all of them manufacture wrenches in America. This is often down to the considerably large costs of manufacturing in America as lots of businesses cannot afford it, as much as they would like to. In order to save money, these companies manufacture in external countries as it costs far less. Here’s what I found.


Irwin only manufactures tools that meet the standards of its professional customers. It is a global trader that began in 1885, with innovation always being at the center of the company’s values. Irwin is renowned for quality tool construction and meeting new standards with its innovative process. After researching the website, although the company is American-based, the manufacturing process occurs in several locations outside of the US.

Irwin Adjustable Wrench Made in USA

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