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Most people own a handful of paintbrushes. Whether for DIY, work, or hobbies, paintbrushes are used across a wide array of fields. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to paint brush manufacturers. But, are there any companies that manufacture paint brushes in the USA? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Are There Any Paint Brush Manufacturers in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search, I found 5 companies that offer American made paintbrushes. They are Premier, Benjamin Moore, Corona Brushes, Wooster Brush, and FM Brush.

American Paint Brush Manufacturers (I Found These Options)

Now that we know which companies offer American made paint brushes, let’s look at each one in more detail.


Premier is one of America’s oldest family-owned manufacturers of paint applicators. It was founded in 1968 and is a well-known company across both the US and many countries worldwide.

While it does look like some of Premier’s manufacturing may take place overseas, the company has a section on its website dedicated to its American made paintbrushes. According to the company’s Linkedin profile, its primary manufacturing facility is located in Richmond Hill, New York.

Premier also has facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, and Zhenjiang, China. It may also have other facilities, but these are the ones that I was able to find.

Premier Paint Brush Manufacturers Made in USA


Here are some links to various categories of Premier’s American made paintbrushes that you may want to check out.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a well-known paint manufacturer. The company also manufactures a wide array of paint applicators such as rollers and paintbrushes. The company dates back to 1883 and is an American company through and through.

Benjamin Moore’s paintbrushes are handmade in the USA. They are made using nothing but the best in terms of materials to ensure that you are left with a paintbrush that will last a very long time.

Benjamin Moore Paint Brush Manufacturers Made in USA


The company employs more than 1700 people and has facilities in Clifton, New Jersey, Johnstown, New York, Milford, Massachusetts, Pell City, Alabama, and Mesquite, Texas. Here’s a link to all of Benjamin Moore’s paint applicator tools.

Corona Brushes

Corona Brushes’ website isn’t exactly up to date with the latest information. Its company website doesn’t seem to have been updated since the mid-2000s. Because of this, most of the information for this one comes from a handful of trusty third-party sources.

Initially, this company started out in Havana, Cuba. But, not long after the company was founded, it moved to the USA. Today, it is based in Tampa, Florida. It is here that the majority of its paint brushes are produced.

According to Paint Outlets, Corona Brushes’ paintbrushes are manufactured in the USA. This information is backed up by several trusty third-party sources, including some listings on Amazon from the official Corona Brushes brand. Also, by zooming in to a few images of the company’s brushes, they are clearly marked with a ‘Made in USA’ label written on the handle.

Corona Brushes Paint Brush Manufacturers Made in USA


Since the company’s official website is a little outdated, here are some links to a few of Corona Brushes’ products that are listed by the company on Amazon.

Wooster Brush

Wooster Brush offers more than 2,000 different products for painters and decorators in counties all over the world. From brushes and paints to rollers and painting tape, Wooster Brush has an extensive range of painting-related products.

The company operates a large 888,000 square feet of facilities all located in Wooster, Ohio. Everything from manufacturing, administrative duties, and shipping is handled from this location.

Wooster Brush Paint Brush Manufacturers Made in USA


Here’s a link to Wooster Brush’s catalog where you can see all of the company’s paintbrushes.

FM Brush

Since 1929, FM Brush has been offering its paintbrushes to artists all over the US. The company also offers makeup brushes, among other brush-based products. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, the company’s about us page wasn’t working.

However, according to the company’s meta description for its about us page, its main production facility is located in New York City.

FM Brush Paint Brush Manufacturers Made in USA


After doing some more digging, I could find no facilities outside of the US that are associated with FM Brush, so it seems like most, if not all, of the company’s manufacturing takes place within the USA.

Here are a few of FM Brush’s product categories for you to take a look at.

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