Where Are Duromax Generators Made? (Local or Overseas)


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DuroMax is a company that has received lots of stellar reviews for its quality generators. While its generators are renowned for their quality, where are they made? And who makes DuroMax generators? That’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Who Makes DuroMax Generators?

According to DuroMax Powers’ official website, DuroMax Power Equipment is the manufacturer of DuroMax generators.

However, according to DuroMax’s FAQ page, its generators are designed in Ontario, California. But they are built overseas to the company’s specifications. This seems to suggest that DuroMax generators are made by a third-party company that works under the supervision of DuroMax.

Who Makes DuroMax Generators


There are lots of third-party articles out there that state DuroMax generators are all manufactured in California. This doesn’t seem to be the case though.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about the overseas company that produces DuroMax generators. The only piece of information I could find is that the manufacturing is carried out somewhere in China.

DuroMax doesn’t seem to offer much information regarding its overseas production.

Where are DuroMax Generators Made?

As mentioned above, DuroMax generators are designed in the US but are made in China. While I couldn’t find much about the company that makes them, I came across a sales page on Amazon where customers discuss the fact that the DuroMax generators they purchased were made in China.

Where are DuroMax Generators Made


For those who want to buy generators made a little closer to home, we have written a few articles that you may find useful.

History of DuroMax Generators

DuroMax Power Equipment was founded in 2003. While it is a fairly young company when compared to many other generator producers out there, it has made a name for itself by selling quality multi-fuel portable generators.

DuroMax markets itself as being a company that offers affordable power solutions for its customers. Its generators are very popular among homeowners and small business owners as they generate enough power to keep things running smoothly should they experience a power outage.

Over the years, DuroMax has continued to expand its product range and now produces much smaller generators that are designed for camping and outdoor activities.

Many of DuroMax’s generators feature dual-fuel technology. This means that various generator product lines can run on both gasoline and propane.

While DuroMax has mostly positive reviews surrounding its products, there are consumers out there who want DuroMax to bring its manufacturing closer to home.

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