Robot Vacuums Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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Most people despise cleaning the house. So, bring in the robot vacuum and enjoy a clean house by leaving the dirty work to these smart housekeepers.

These little robotic companions will make your life easier by helping you clean your house. They use sensors and programmable controllers to carry out cleaning tasks where you need them.


Are There Any Brands That Sell Robot Vacuums Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I couldn’t find a single brand that definitely manufactures robot vacuums made in the USA. However, I found some companies that people mistake as being American manufacturers.

Companies That People Mistake as Being an American Manufacturer (Here’s What I Found)

As mentioned above, I couldn’t find a single company that definitely manufactures robot vacuums in the USA. However, I found a handful of companies that people seem to mistake as being American manufacturers, here’s what I found.

Mamibot Company

Established in 2015, Mamibot is a professional leading manufacturer of robotic products with headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. Mamibot is now one of the manufacturers that produce the most comprehensive types of robot vacuum cleaners in the world.

It is a USA-based manufacturer of robotic products with offices in Europe and Shanghai. However, it does appear that it manufactures its products in China.

Mamibot Company Robot Vacuums Made in USA


Its robot vacuums are designed to perform as intelligently as or even outperform humans on household chores. ​It provides a range of robotic devices to assist you in different areas, and the best part is you stay free of tiresome chores.

Mamibot offers robot floor cleaners for entry-level, middle-level, and top-end markets, pet hair cleaning markets, small-size apartment cleaning, middle-size house cleaning, and big-size house cleaning.

Its robot vacuums are compatible with smart assistants like Google or Alexa. Its vacuum suction is powerful and collects dirt even when the floor looks clean.

Its vacuums have navigation and mapping sensors although the house layout mapping may not always be accurate and carpet areas may conflict with its sensors.

EUFY Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy’s headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington. It manufactures laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaners. Its RoboVac X8 is an innovative laser navigation robotic vacuum cleaner with strong suction which is perfect for pet hair.

However, Eufy is part of Anker Innovations, one of the leading consumer electronics brands in America. Upon further research, I found that Anker is a Chinese-Based Company.

EUFY Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuums Made in USA 1


EUFY Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuums Made in USA 2



Shark Ninja has its headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts. Its vacuums come with precision home mapping for customization. They can be paired with the SharkClean App for autonomous technology, and have up to 120 minutes of runtime before a recharge is needed.

Upon further research, I was able to determine its products are all manufactured in China as it does not have a manufacturing plant located in the USA.

SharkNinja Robot Vacuums Made in USA



iRobot is an American technology company that was founded in 1990 by computer scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It designs and builds consumer robots as well as robot vacuums.

Its current headquarters are in Bedford, Massachusetts. However, the firm has offices all over the world and its products are manufactured in China.

iRobot is the company behind the Roomba name. Roomba Vacuums can analyze preferences and sync with other smart devices. They bring new levels of intelligence that fit seamlessly into daily life. They are also powered by a rechargeable battery.

iRobot Vacuums Made in USA 1


iRobot Vacuums Made in USA 2


Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics is an independent subsidiary located in San Jose, California. The company is known for its line of robotic vacuum cleaners. It claims that Neato designs high-quality products that customers love. Its robot vacuums are known for their ‘D’ shape, which allows them to easily vacuum corners.

The company was purchased by Vorwerk Company in 2017 which has headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany.

Neato Robotics Robot Vacuums Made in USA


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