Vacuum Cleaners Made in USA (5 Different Options)


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America is a proud nation that loves to label things as ‘made in America’. But just because it says it was made in America, it doesn’t mean it’s true. As companies expand they begin outsourcing various production aspects to cheaper countries like China. But this list is focused on America, and in this article, we will be looking at vacuum cleaners made in the USA.


Which Brands Produce USA Made Vacuum Cleaners? (The Short Answer)

I found that there are several American made vacuum cleaner companies out there. They are Kirby, Maytag, Hoover, Sanitaire, and InterVac.

Vacuum Cleaners Made in USA – 5 Different Companies That Produce Them

Whilst there are more companies out there that produce vacuums made in the USA, I have focused on some of the bigger ones in this list.


Founded in 1914 by Jim Kirby, the company was originally called Nate McCann Company before changing its name to Kirby in 1935. Kirby is an American made company, it was founded in Cleveland, Ohio and it has remained an American company throughout its history.

All of the company’s manufacturing takes place in its facilities located in Ohio and Texas, which makes them a company that designs, manufactures, and sells all of its products within America. There are not too many companies that can claim to do that these days!

Some of the models that Kirby produces include:


Maytag was founded in Newtown, Iowa back in 1893 by Frederick Maytag. Maytag used to own The Hoover Company until it was sold in 2007. Maytag were innovators of the vacuum world and helped pave the way for the modern vacuum cleaners that we know today.

Maytag is a no-nonsense company, they follow two rules, make it reliable and make it last. Because of this mindset, Maytag vacuum cleaners can last for more than a decade. On top of that, the vacuum cleaners they produce are incredibly powerful. They are excellent at picking up pet hair, as well as being so good at sucking up dust that they can actually help those suffering from asthma!

All of Maytag’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA. They have manufacturing plants located in Tennessee and Iowa. Some of the models they produce include:


As mentioned in the previous entry, Hoover used to be a part of the Maytag company before being sold in 2007. Founded in 1908 by William Henry Hoover, this American made vacuum cleaner company has always focused on manufacturing high-quality vacuum cleaners.

Hoover is such a well-known brand that in the UK, vacuum cleaners are often referred to simply as Hoovers. The company has come a long way over the years, with the first Hoover vacuum cleaner being released at the very beginning of the company’s creation, in 1908. Thankfully, vacuum cleaners today aren’t anywhere near as heavy as the older models!

Hoover vacuum cleaners are primarily produced in the USA. However, although they are produced in the US, it does also state on their website that they are “made in America with globally sourced parts”. So whilst they are made in America, not every component is American made.

Some of the Hoover models made in America are:


Sanitaire is a fairly young company having only been started in 1972. The company was founded by Fred Wardell in Michigan. They focus on creating high-performance vacuum cleaners. They take a slightly different approach compared to other brands on this list. They build their vacuum cleaners to be as quiet as possible.

Today Sanitair is owned by Electrolux, which is a European household appliance giant. Despite the company now being owned by a European company, they still manufacture most of their vacuum cleaners in the USA.

According to their website, Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are made in Milwaukee. Some of the models that they produce there include:


Rounding off this list we have InterVac. Now, there isn’t as much information out there for this one when compared with the others on this list. But InterVac is a company that focuses on producing American made vacuum cleaners.

According to the InterVac website, all of its products are designed, manufactured, and tested in America before being sold to American consumers. InterVac makes vacuum cleaners for homes, RVs, garages, and even boats.

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