Where Are Predator Generators Made? (Factory Location + More)


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Predator generators are known for being a cheaper option in the world of generators. While lots of people own a Predatory generator, very few actually know how it was made. In this article, I’ll be trying to find out who makes Predator generators and where they are made.


Who Makes Predator Generators?

According to GenWhizz, Harbor Freight Tools is the maker of Predator generators. The company owns more than 1300 stores throughout the US, making it a very large brand, with a presence in 48 states across North America.

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However, while Harbor Freight Tools is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing of Predator generators, its engines are manufactured by a Chinese company, the Lifan Group. Since a generator isn’t a generator without an engine, there’s an argument to be had regarding who really makes Predator generators.

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Things get a little more confusing as I came across a lot of websites stating that the Lifan Group no longer manufactures Predator engines. Those articles claim that another Chinese company called Loncin is now responsible for Predator’s engine production.

Unfortunately, I could find no hard evidence of this being the case as most articles link to comments on Reddit posts as the source of their information.

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In desperation, I turned to ChatGPT to see if I could find any possible credible sources to link to. According to ChatGPT, Predator generators are made by a variety of Chinese companies that operate on behalf of Harbor Freight Tools.

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While usually, it is worth taking ChatGPT responses with a pinch of salt, this seems to make sense given the information I found.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear answer as to who makes Predator generators. However, evidence seems to point to the generators being made by a handful of Chinese companies working on behalf of Harbor Freight Tools.

Where are Predator Generators Made?

Since I couldn’t find a straight answer regarding who makes Predator generators, it won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that I didn’t find much information surrounding specific manufacturing locations or Predator generators.

It does look like most of its generators are made in China by a handful of Chinese companies, but I could find no addresses to show exactly where in China the facilities are.

The closest thing to an address that I could find was a statement in an article on the website Generatorist stating that all of Predators’ generator manufacturers are based in Chongqing, China.

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For those wanting to find generators that are made closer to home, we have already published some articles that you may find useful. Check out our article on American made generators. We have also written an article on generators made in Canada.

History of Predator Generators

While Harbor Freight Tools was founded in 1977, it wasn’t until the early 2010s that Harbor Freight Tools began to sell Predator generators. The aim of Predator’s generators was to offer customers a cheaper generator when compared to many other companies out there.

Its generators are used by both homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The generators are affordable, easy to use, and safe.

There are also larger generators for powering entire homes, job sites, and RVs. While Predator generators are very popular among American consumers, there are those out there who take issue with the fact that the company is rather secretive surrounding the Chinese companies that it works with.

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