Where Are Kohler Generators Made (+ Who Manufactures Them)


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Kohler generators are well-known for their long lifespan. They tend to outlive many other generators out there. While Kohler generators are very popular with people all over the US, very few seem to know much about the company’s inner workings. So, in this article, I’ll be looking at who manufactures Kohler generators and where they are made.


Who Makes Kohler Generators?

Kohler is a privately held company owned by the Kohler family. Its origins date back to the late 1800s. Since it was founded, it has remained under the ownership of the Kohler family, making it one of the oldest family-owned generator businesses.

Kohler Power Co. makes Kohler generators. Kohler Power Co. is a part of Kohler, as you have probably guessed by its name.

So, the answer to the question of who makes Kohler generators is Kohler Power Co. According to Crunchbase, Kohler Power Co. manufactures and markets generators for industrial use, residential use, and more.

Who Makes Kohler Generators


While Kohler is responsible for the manufacturing of its generators, it does have a partnership with YinXiang Ltd. Called Kohler-YinXiang Ltd.

It is unclear how much production is carried out by Kohler-YinXiang Ltd. However, since it is a joint venture between the two companies, it is still technically under the Kohler name that its generators are made.

Where are Kohler Generators Made?

According to the company’s FAQ page, Kohler residential generators are designed and assembled in the USA. It does state that it sources its components from various suppliers all over the world, this includes components sourced from within the US.

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The company’s main base of operations is located in Mosel, Wisconsin. It is from here that most of its production takes place.

In 2021, its main manufacturing facility underwent a 155,000-square-foot expansion to make room for new testing areas, an increased warehouse space, and more.

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However, not all of Kohler’s generators are made in the USA. In 2007 the company joined up with a Chinese branch called Kohler-YinXiang Ltd.

I couldn’t find out how much production is carried out under the name Kohler-YinXiang Ltd. But according to Genwizz, Kohler does conduct some of its manufacturing in China and other facilities across the globe.

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After reading through a handful of Kohler’s generator product descriptions, they all had the same thing noted in the product specs, ‘Country of Origin – US’. Just be sure to read through the product specs to find out where a specific model is made.

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If you want to take a look at other companies that manufacture generators in the US then you are in luck. Check out our article on Generators made in America.

History of Kohler Generators

Kohler was founded in 1873 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. But it wasn’t until the 1920s that the company made its way into the generator business.

It was in the 1920s that the company introduced its first line of electric generators. While they weren’t anything like the generators we use today, for the time, they were considered to be very impressive machines.

During World War II, Kohler played a vital role in producing generators for various military applications. Not only did this aid in the war effort, but it also helped the company to develop longer-lasting and more powerful generators.

After the war, Kohler continued to expand its generator product line. It began making its way into the industrial and commercial sectors by producing generators for use in factories and hospitals.

The company continued to improve its generators. Between the 70s and 90s, its generators became more user- friendly by introducing features like remote monitoring capabilities and automatic transfer switches.

Today, Kohler is an internationally recognized company that is popular in many countries worldwide.

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