Where Are Generac Generators Made? (Factory Locations)


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Generac is a very well-known generator company. Generac offers products for homeowners, businesses, and major industries, making it a well-known company across a wide array of sectors. But who manufactures Generac generators? And where are they made? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Who Makes Generac Generators?

According to Zippa, Generac was purchased by CCMP Capital of New York in 2008. It is unclear whether CCMP Capital New York still owns Generac but it does not look like CCMP is responsible for Generacs’ manufacturing.

Generac’s parent company, Generac Holdings Inc. is the primary manufacturer of Generac generators. That said, from the information I could find, Generac Holdings Inc. manufactures its generators through one of its subsidiaries.

Generac Power Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Generac Holdings Inc. This branch of Generac manufactures all of Generac’s G-FORCE and OHVI engines (the engines are used for its generators). I found this information on Generac’s official website.

Who Makes Generac Generators


To summarize, Generac Power Systems Inc. manufactures Generac generators. However, Generac Power Systems Inc. is owned and operated by Generac Holdings Inc.

Basically, Generac Holdings Inc. is responsible for manufacturing Generac generators.

Where are Generac Generators Made?

As you have probably seen in the image above, Generac’s G-Force and OHVI engines are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Wisconsin. However, not all of Generac’s generators are made in Wisconsin.

According to the company’s FAQ page, Generac’s OHV engines are not made in the US.

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Things are a little confusing as the company’s website also states that its generators and engines are engineered and built in the USA.

Where are Generac Generators Made 2


I could not find any information to clear things up so I’d recommend going under the assumption that OHV engines are made overseas.

As for the rest of its generators, they are all built in the USA using both domestic and internationally sourced parts.

See the image below for a list of Generac’s manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin.

Where are Generac Generators Made 3


For those wanting to find out more about where various brands of generators are made, we have got you covered. Check out this article on American made generators. We also have a piece on generators made in Canada that you may find interesting.

History of Generac Generators

Generac was founded by Robert Kern in 1950. Its very first product was a portable generator designed for residential use.

By the 70s, Generac introduced its first line of automatic standby generators for home use. This became a major hit as it offered homeowners an instant source of backup power should they experience a power outage.

Throughout the 90s, Generac dominated the generator industry with its various lines of commercial and industrial generators.

It was purchased by CCMP Capital of New York in 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about CCMP’s connection with Generac after that.

In 2010, Generac went public and began trading on the stock exchange under the name GNRC.

At the time of writing this article, Generac is still a very well-known company with an international reach. Its generators are sold in numerous countries worldwide.

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