Where Are Frigidaire Dishwashers Made? (I Tried to Find Out)


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where are frigidaire dishwashers made

Frigidaire is a very well-known kitchen, home, and laundry appliance company. Its products are sold in countries all over the world. While millions of people own Frigidaire appliances, very few know where their product was made. In this article, I’ll be taking a dive into where Frigidaire manufactures its dishwashers.


Who Makes Frigidaire Dishwashers?

Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux. It is Electrolux that manufactures Fridigaire’s dishwashers. It is a Swedish founded company that is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Electrolux owns multiple major companies, this includes Eureka and AEG.

Who Makes Frigidaire Dishwashers


As a whole, Electrolux sells approximately 60 million household products every year. With such an enormous output, you would have thought it would be hard to find out where its dishwashers are made. Luckily, this wasn’t the case.

Where are Fridigaire Dishwashers Made?

According to multiple sources, most of Fridigaire’s appliances are made in the USA. While there’s some truth in this, it doesn’t apply to all of Frigidaire’s products.

Where are Fridigaire Dishwashers Made 1


According to an article on Consumer Reports, there’s a facility in Kinston, North Carolina. Here, Frigidaire’s dishwashers are made. As for its other products, they are primarily produced at facilities overseas in countries like Mexico and China.

Where are Fridigaire Dishwashers Made 2


I also came across another article on another website stating the same thing as Consumer Reports. So it really does look like Frigidaire manufactures its dishwashers in the USA.

Where are Fridigaire Dishwashers Made 3


But, since this information comes from third-party sources, I decided to reach out to the company directly. After speaking to one of its support agents, I can confirm that Frigidaire’s dishwashers are made in the USA at its facility in North Carolina. You can see a screenshot from the conversation below.

Where are Fridigaire Dishwashers Made 4

Here’s a link to Frigidaire’s dishwasher product page for those wanting to take a closer look at what the company has to offer.

History of Frigidaire Dishwashers

I couldn’t find out much regarding the early history of Frigidaire’s dishwasher. According to the company’s Wiki page, the Frigidaire automatic washer came about in the late 1930s. It is unclear whether it is referring to washing machines or dishwashers. But that’s all the information I could find about the origins of Frigidaire’s dishwashers.

If you currently own a Frigidaire dishwasher and want to learn more about it, then there’s a very easy way to do so. Since the 1970s, Frigidaire has been putting serial numbers on its dishwashers.

Using the serial number, you can determine how old the machine is and where was made. See the image below for how to decipher your serial number.

History of Frigidaire Dishwashers


If you are looking to buy an American made dishwasher, but you want to see if there are any other companies out there that offer then, check out our article on dishwashers made in the USA.

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