Generators Made in Germany (2 Brands)


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Some readers may be surprised to learn that there are actually a couple of companies that produce generators made in Germany, and in this article, I’m going to talk a bit about them.

I was actually able to find several German generator companies, but I didn’t include them all here as this list is aimed toward the consumer market and some of the companies I found that produce generators in Germany are made for industrial use, hence why they didn’t make it onto this list.


Which Companies Offer Generators Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research I was able to find 2 German-made generator brands. They are Könner & Söhnen and RID.

Looking for a German Made Generator? Try These Brands

Now that we know which generator brands produce generators in Germany, let’s take a closer look at each company.

Könner & Söhnen

I wasn’t able to find out all that much about Könner & Söhnen’s beginnings other than the fact that it is a German company that produces all of its products in Germany.


The company specializes in producing gasoline, diesel, and electric generators. The company is a part of the DIMAX GROUP and from what I could gather, its facility is located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Könner & Shöhnen has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years for its high-quality generators and various other pieces of machinery. These awards include a German Brand Award, a Plus X Award, and a Ukrainian Product of the Year Award.

Könner & Söhnen produce a great range of generators. Here are a few for those who may be interested in taking a closer look:


RID is a fast-growing German generator company that was established in 2008. The company produces a wide range of generators for commercial use, industrial use, and consumer use.

All of RID’s manufacturing takes place at its facility in Industriestraße 46, 74912 Kirchardt, Germany. Although, due to the company’s fast growth it is looking like it will be expanding to other areas around Germany in the near future.

RID aims to produce high-quality generators by using sustainable building practices, and it also takes extreme care and pride when designing its products to ensure that every generator is built to the highest standard possible.

As mentioned, RID produces a wide range of generators for a variety of sectors. Here is a link to the company’s portable generator product page for those who may be interested in taking a closer look.

Portable Diesel Generators Made in Germany

For those looking for diesel generators made in Germany, here are a few that I could find that you may want to take a look at.

Honorable Mention

German Generators

There is one company that didn’t quite make the main list, German Generators. The reason why it didn’t make the list above is that I couldn’t find out with 100% certainty which of its products are manufactured in Germany.

According to the German Generators’ website, the company is based in Düsseldorf, but I couldn’t find any more details about its manufacturing other than that.


The company does manufacture generators for various major brands such as Deutz MTU and Volvo-Penta. It also produces a wide range of portable generators. Here is a link to the company’s product page for those who may be interested in having a look, although as I mentioned, I was unable to find out whether or not all of its manufacturing takes place in Germany.

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