Where is Benchcraft Furniture Made (I Tried to Find Out)


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BenchCraft is a name that is quickly becoming a big seller in the furniture industry. Its quality upholstered products are in high demand. With high demand comes increased production. But who makes BenchCraft furniture? And where is it all made? Well, In this article, that’s exactly what I’ll be finding out.


Who Makes BenchCraft Furniture?

BenchCraft furniture is owned by one of America’s most popular furniture brands, Ashley Furniture. According to Furniture Cart, the name BenchCraft was purchased by Ashley Furniture in 2011.

Not only is BenchCraft owned by Ashley Furniture, but Ashley Furniture is also the company that manufactures BenchCraft products. If you have already clicked on the link at the start of this entry then you will have figured out that BenchCraft doesn’t have its own website, it operates as a part of its parent company, Ashley Furniture.

Who Makes BenchCraft Furniture


Where is BenchCraft Furniture Made?

Since BenchCraft furniture is all made by Ashley Furniture, it will come as no surprise to learn that the manufacturing takes place at Ashley Furniture’s various facilities. We have already written an article all about where.

But, for those who haven’t checked out that article, Ashley Furniture conducts its manufacturing in 19 facilities worldwide. It has several manufacturing facilities all over the US. It also has at least one facility in Canada, a large facility in China, and a few in Japan.

Where is BenchCraft Furniture Made


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out exactly what products are made at Ashley Furniture’s American facilities and which products are made overseas.

If you are interested in American made furniture then we have written a couple of articles that you may be interested in taking a look at. We have an article on bookcases made in the USA and another on American made Bed Frames.

If you want more information about where BenchCraft furniture is made then you may want to contact Ashley Furniture to see if they can provide more details.

I came across a couple of articles (not officially associated with BenchCraft) stating that BenchCraft furniture is all made in the USA. However, I could find no proof of this on Ashley Furniture’s website so it’s best to take that information with a pinch of salt.

History of BenchCraft Furniture

Unfortunately, I really couldn’t find much information about BenchCraft prior to the name being acquired by Ashley Furniture in 2011. It is unclear whether BenchCraft was a company in its own rights prior to the acquisition or whether Ashley Furniture is the founder of BenchCraft.

According to the image at the beginning of this article, BenchCraft and another brand Berkline have a rich history that dates back over 80 years. However, the website where the image came from doesn’t actually go into the company’s history.

All information seems to point toward BenchCraft being founded by Ashley Furniture. If this is the case then, as mentioned, we have already written an article all about Ashley Furniture where you can check out the company’s history.

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