Where is Bellanest Furniture Manufactured? (What I Found Out)


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Bellanest furniture can be found in countless homes across the US. It is a popular choice as its furniture is made to stand the test of time. In this article, I’ll be looking at who manufactures Bellanest furniture and where it’s made.


Who Makes Bellanest Furniture?

Bellanest is a trademark of Raymour Furniture Company Inc., also known as Raymour & Flanigan. It is a family-owned American retail company that specializes in producing quality home furniture.

The successful application for the Bellanest trademark was filed on July 2nd, 2008. So Raymour & Flanigan owns the Bellanest name.

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As for more recent information, a post on the website q-furniture states that furniture made by Bellanest is still being produced by Raymour & Flanigan today.

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Where is Bellanest Furniture Made?

According to the post shown in the section above by q-furniture, Bellanest furniture is manufactured in China.

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This information is further backed up by the Raymour & Flanigan website. After reading through a handful of its Bellanest furniture items, I came across a Q and A section at the bottom of each product.

Each time the question popped up regarding where a certain product was made, the answer was always the same, China. So, it looks like most, if not all, of Bellanest’s furniture is made in China.

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History of Bellanest Furniture

Bellanest doesn’t really have that much history behind it. As mentioned above, it is a trademark of Raymour & Flanigan. So it isn’t a company in its own right, it is a part of Raymour & Flanigan.

For those wanting to find out more regarding Raymour & Flanigan’s history, you can read all about it on the company’s ‘About Us’ page on its website.

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