Where Are Vax Vacuums Made? (I Tried to Find Out)


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Vax is one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner companies out there. Its products are sold to people in countries all over the world. But despite being a very popular brand, very few seem to know much about the inner workings of the Vax company. I’ll be taking a dive into the company to find out who makes its vacuums and where they are made.


Who Makes Vax Vacuums?

Vax is owned by Techtronic Industries. Techtronic Industries is also known as TTI Co. Ltd. This company owns brands like Milwaukee, AEG, and Hart. Needless to say, TTI Co. Ltd. is a major player in many different sectors.

Techtronic Industries is based in Hong Kong. But with it being such a large business, it has plants and offices dotted all around the world.

According to numerous sources, including the popular site Vacuumit.com, Vax vacuums are manufactured by TTI Co. Ltd.

Who Makes Vax Vacuums


Where are Vax Vacuums Made?

According to almost every online source I could find, Vax vacuums are all manufactured in Chinese facilities. Vax is a UK based company. However, while its design process seems to take place in the UK, its production is carried out in China.

I found this information on multiple websites like Vacuumit, SpotlessVacuum, MadeinChina, and more.

Where are Vax Vacuums Made


So, if you buy a Vax vacuum, then you will receive a product that was made in China. If you are looking for American made vacuum cleaners then we have already written an article on the topic. We also have an article on robot vacuum cleaners made in the USA for those who want a unit that does the work for them.

History of Vax Vacuums

Vax was founded by Alan Brazier in 1977. The company was founded in the UK and its main headquarters has remained in the UK to this day.

Vax stands for “Vaporize-Aerosol-Export.” You might be wondering what that has to do with vacuum cleaners. Well, it has nothing to do with vacuum cleaners at all.

It was named after its first product which was a vaporizer that emitted a light mist to help people with respiratory issues. In 1979, Vax branched out into the world of vacuum cleaners by releasing its first model, the Vax 101. The Vax 101 was an instant hit and the company took off as a trusty vacuum cleaner brand.

History of Vax Vacuums


Throughout the 80s and 90s, Vax continued to design and release various models of vacuum cleaners. From carpet cleaners and steamers to regular household vacuum cleaners, customers could not get enough of Vax’s high-quality cleaning products.

The early 2000s saw Vax release its first line of cordless vacuum cleaners. Battery-powered vacuum cleaners became immensely popular as people didn’t have to rely on a nearby outlet to plug their vacuum cleaners into.

Today, Vax is known all over the world as a company that produces quality vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. While Vax vacuum cleaners aren’t exactly cheap, they are still affordable and tend to last a very long time.

Vax’s latest models are centered around robotics. As the robot vacuum cleaner market continues to grow, Vax is front and center when it comes to creating robot cleaners that use less electricity and clean for longer than many other robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

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