USA Made Patio Furniture (16 Brands You Should Look At)


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Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. From outdoor benches and chairs to full dining sets and swing seats. But are there any American-made-patio furniture companies out there? That’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Companies That Produce Patio Furniture Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging I came across a lot of patio furniture companies that manufacture their products in the USA: They are POLYWOOD, Breezesta, Berlin Gardens, O.W Lee, Highwood USA, Homecrest, L.L.Bean, Lolls Designs, Meadowcraft, Montana Woodworks, Nags Head Hammocks, Seaside Casual, Sister Bay, Three Coins Cast, Telescope Casual, and Suncast.

USA-Made Patio Furniture (A List of Manufacturers)

Now that we know which companies produce patio furniture made in the USA, let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.


POLYWOOD was founded in 1990. It is an American outdoor patio furniture company that produces all of its products in the USA. This company is a little different from a lot of other patio furniture companies out there as it manufactures its products from recycled plastics. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a greener way to have garden furniture.

The plastic that POLYWOOD uses is known as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), this type of plastic is incredibly durable and infinitely recyclable. The average POLYWOOD chair weighs between 30 and 50 lbs, this means that while a single person can easily move them, they won’t be blown around by any strong winds.

As mentioned, POLYWOOD manufactures its products in the US. The manufacturing takes place across a couple of high-tech facilities. These facilities are located in Indiana and North Carolina.

As for the company’s products, POLYWOOD manufactures a wide range of patio furniture spread across multiple collections. Here are just a few of the company’s collections.


Breezesta was founded in 1999. Its headquarters is located in Holland Patent, New York. Breezesta is one of the leading manufacturers of recycled poly lumber in the USA.

By manufacturing its products out of poly lumber the company is helping to keep waste plastics out of landfills and oceans. This makes it an excellent choice for those who like to purchase eco-friendly products.

Breezesta Patio Furniture Made in USA


Breezesta uses sun-guard technology to ensure that your patio furniture won’t fade over time, this is backed up by the company’s 3-year fade warranty. Breezesta’s products are all sun, rain, wind, and salt spray resistant meaning that they are fit for most weather conditions.

As for the company’s manufacturing, all of Breezesta’s manufacturing takes place in the US. Each of the company’s products is made at a facility located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Breezesta Patio Furniture Made in America


Breezesta manufactures a wide range of outdoor patio furniture, this includes the following.

Berlin Gardens

Berlin Gardens was founded in 1988. It is made up of a highly skilled team of Amish craftsmen that produce high-quality, environmentally friendly garden and patio furniture.

From what I was able to find, the company manufactures its products in Ohio. It has two facilities, both in Ohio, one is its headquarters and the other is its manufacturing facility.

Berlin Gardens Patio Furniture Made in USA


Berlin Gardens produces a wide range of garden products from pavilions and pergolas to garden benches and patio furniture sets. The company has lots of patio furniture items, here’s a link to the company’s furniture page for those wanting a closer look.

O.W Lee

O.W Lee is a luxury furniture company that manufactures high-end garden and patio furniture. It was founded in 1947 in Pasadena, California by Oddist W. Lee. It began as a wrought-iron gate manufacturer before moving into the patio furniture industry in 1954.

The company has multiple locations dotted all around the US, but most of these seem to be showrooms. As for the company’s manufacturing, it used to be carried out at a facility in Ontario, California, but it has recently moved to a larger facility in Comfort, Texas.

O.W. Lee has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for its high-quality products. This includes Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), ICFA Manufacturer Of The Year awards, and much more.

The company’s products are mostly manufactured using wrought iron & steel and aluminum. This means that its products are incredibly durable and will never be blown around by strong winds. Some of the company’s patio furniture collections are as follows.

Highwood USA

Highwood is a purely American-based company. It is located in Barnesville, Pennsylvania, and manufactures all its products in the USA.

Highwood Patio Furniture Made in USA


The company believes in doing good in its local community. Highwood works hard to help people in the local community by volunteering time and money to good causes, supporting the education sector, visiting schools to hire young, local talent, and much more.

Highwood offers a great range of garden and patio furniture, from porch swings and benches to dining sets and poolside furniture. Here’s a link to the company’s outdoor furniture page for those wanting to take a closer look.


Homecrest is an American outdoor furniture company that was founded in 1953. The company is based in Minnesota and all its outdoor living furniture is manufactured at a facility in Wadena, Minnesota.

Homecrest Patio Furniture Made in USA


Homecrest offers affordable luxury patio furniture across 30 different collections. The company has products made of glass, aluminum, steel, wood, and more. Of all of Homecrest’s products, it is most well known for its range of outdoor swivel rocker chairs.

As mentioned, Homecrest has 30 different outdoor furniture collections, so instead of listing one or two of the company’s products below, here’s a link to all of the company’s collections.


L.L.Bean was founded in 1912, it’s one of the oldest entries on this list. It was founded in Maine, US, where it is still located to this day. The company started by producing hunting shoes, it wasn’t until later on that the company expanded to produce patio furniture.

These days it manufactures almost everything you can think of when it comes to the outdoors. Loungers, patio furniture, outdoor clothing, and much more.

As mentioned above, the company is located in Maine, this is where a lot of the manufacturing takes place. L.L.Bean also has facilities in other states throughout the US. It also has manufacturing facilities in Turkey, China, Vietnam, and a few other places too. Here’s a link to a more detailed dive into the company’s manufacturing facilities.

As far as patio furniture goes, L.L.Bean manufactures one item of patio furniture in the US. They are as follows.

Loll Designs

Loll Designs uses HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to create durable and eco-friendly patio furniture. The company was founded in 2005 but it has been somewhat active since the late 90s when it used to produce materials for skateparks.

Being eco-friendly is very important to Loll Designs. It recycles an impressive 88% of its manufacturing waste whilst also using recycled plastics for its products. Loll Designs is aiming to become a zero-waste company in the near future.

As for its products, Loll Designs has a seemingly never-ending amount of patio furniture products. From rockers and lounge chairs to tables and full patio sets. Here’s a link to each of the company’s categories for those wanting to take a closer look.

Lolls Designs manufactures its products in the USA. I wasn’t able to find out all that much regarding its exact manufacturing locations. However, it seems like a large portion of the company’s manufacturing takes place at a facility located in Minnesota.

Loll Designs Patio Furniture Made in USA



Meadowcraft is an American outdoor furniture manufacturer based in Wadley, Alabama. Whilst the company does manufacture its products in the US, its components come from countries outside America.

The company operates a large state-of-the-art manufacturing center right in the heart of Webley. It makes good use of iron and steel to produce its range of outdoor furniture, by using the highest quality materials Meadowcraft is able to build pieces that are designed to last in almost any weather condition.

Meadowcraft has multiple ranges of garden furniture, which are as follows.

Montana Woodworks

Montana Woodworks was founded in 1991. It has changed hands a couple of times but it has always been an American manufacturer. It produces its wood furniture items at a factory in Northwestern Montana.

Montana Woodworks Patio Furniture Made in USA


The company produces a plethora of wood-based products from dressers and beds to nightstands and of course, patio furniture. Montana Woodwork’s patio furniture consists primarily of chairs, swing seats, and benches. Each one is made using the highest quality wood available to ensure that each item is built to last.

Nags Head Hammocks

This company is located in North Carolina. Nags Head Hammocks manufactures more than just hammocks. It produces outdoor chairs and tables too. It was founded in 1974 and it has always been an American manufacturer.

It produces its products at its facility located in Devil Hills, North Carolina. The company only uses wood that is harvested from managed forests.

As for its products, Nags Head Hammocks produce three different lines of outdoor furniture. They are Cumaru Furniture, Durawood Rope Furniture, and Durawood Furniture.

Seaside Casual

Seaside Casual is a family-owned patio furniture business located in Rhode island. It dates all the way back to 1911 and it’s still going strong to this day.

Seaside Casual does its utmost to conduct as much of its manufacturing within the US. That being said, the company does import a handful of components from other countries. All of this information is readily available on the company’s website. But as far as the manufacturing/assembling goes, it is all conducted at its facility in Rhode Island.

Seaside Casual Patio Furniture Made in USA


Seaside Casual produces a huge variety of patio furniture, chairs, benches, tables, swing seats, and more. Here’s a link to the company’s collection page for those wanting to take a closer look.

Sister Bay

Sister Bay was founded in 1997. Since then, it has diverted roughly 230 million milk jugs from landfills and oceans which the company uses to manufacture its patio furniture. Just like some of the other entries on this list, Sister Bay uses HDPE to manufacture a lot of its furniture.

This material doesn’t absorb moisture, it isn’t affected by most corrosive substances, and it is pretty resistant to bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Sister Bay also uses marine-grade stainless steel, this material is highly durable and will last in all weather conditions.

Sister Bay is a proud American manufacturer. The company manufactures its patio furniture at its facility located in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Sister Bay Patio Furniture Made in USA


As far as products go, Sister Bay has a huge selection of garden and patio furniture spread across 16 different collections. Its products come with up to 20 years warranty and its highly trained staff are always happy to help, whether it is in person or over the phone.

Three Coins Cast

Three Coins Cast is a cast aluminum garden and patio furniture manufacturer based in Newnan, Georgia. It was founded in 1989 and it’s a family-owned business.

All of its products are manufactured at its facility in Newnan. Everything from the welding and assembly to the painting and testing is carried out at this facility making it a purely US operation.

The company has 7 patio furniture collections. However, due to popular demand, Three Coins Cast is currently operating at maximum capacity so there may be a wait when it comes to receiving a product. As for its patio furniture collections, they are as follows.

Telescope Casual

Telescope Casual was founded in 1903. It is an outdoor furniture company that manufactures all of its products in the USA. When it comes to outdoor furniture, Telescope Casual has it all. Wicker chairs, aluminum tables, and much more.

Its products are all handmade at the company’s manufacturing facility located in Granville, New York.

Telescope Casual Patio Furniture Made in USA


Telescope Casual has hundreds of different pieces and sets of patio furniture. And the company is constantly designing and creating new pieces to add to its catalog. There is no link to see all of the company’s products, as there are just too many items to fit on one page!

If you want to have a look at what the company has to offer then click the link at the start of this entry.


Suncast is based in Western Chicago, Illinois. It is a US manufacturer that produces garden tools, storage sheds, and patio furniture. It was founded in 1984 and since its inception, the company has worked hard to produce high-quality garden furniture at affordable prices.

Manufacturing products in the US is something that Suncast takes great pride in. Not only does it manufacture its products in the US, but it also sources its materials from within the US.

Suncast Patio Furniture Made in USA


On top of being a US manufacturer, Suncast works using sustainable business practices to help protect the environment. From using solar-powered technology at its manufacturing centers to supporting sustainability initiatives in the community, Suncast does its utmost to be as green as possible.

Suncast doesn’t have all that many patio furniture items when compared to some of the other entries on this list. However, the few pieces that it does have are made to a very high standard. Here are a few of the company’s patio furniture pieces.

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