Hammocks Made in Canada (Are There Any?)


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Warm weather is not something that most people think of when they think of Canada, but Canadians know how to take advantage of every warm day that they can get. The outdoors is a massive part of their lives and when the weather is nice you will find people hiking, camping, grilling, and just relaxing outside. Hammocks can also be great in winter – with insulated hammocks keeping you off the damp ground.


Which Companies Sell Hammocks Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After wandering around the internet and getting stuck down a rabbit hole or two, I found 5 different brands that still produce Hammocks in Canada. Those are Hanging HUGS, Hennessey Hammocks, Hofman Outdoor Gear Supply, Kingcord Hammocks, and Little Shop of Hammocks (which sounds like just a hammock store but isn’t).

There are a few relaxing hammocks on my list but the majority of Canadians seem to prefer sturdy camping and hiking hammocks. Many of these companies also support environmentalist groups and charities so you should feel proud to buy from them.

Canadian-Made Hammocks (5 Brands to Choose From)

Canada is not known for sandy beaches or nice palm trees swaying in the breeze, but it is known for its beautiful coastline and mountains. Both coastline and mountainous regions are perfect places to tie up a hammock and these settings inspire more rugged hammocks than you would see manufactured in sunnier countries. Many of the hammocks in Canada are for hiking and keeping the bugs away while you try to sleep in the beauty of nature.

Hanging HUGS

In alphabetical order, I am kicking off with a strangely posh hammock company, even by international standards. Hanging Hugs are custom hammocks that have been sewn by Cory Richardson since 2008, with people on Reddit and the internet swearing by them. If you want a soft, luxury hammock then this is the company you should choose.

Hanging HUGS are hand sewn in New Brunswick on the East Coast, which is known for its harsh winters, so these are nice and fuzzy-lined hammocks that stand up to the cold. Even summer on the coast can be chilly at night so these hammocks are perfect for wind-exposed or colder areas.

The company’s website allows you to make a fully custom hammock so it feels like you are ordering from Subway. There are no model numbers, just pick a style, pick a base, pick your sides and pick your lining. If you ever thought about a hammock as a fashion statement then this is the company for you.

Design Your Hammock

Hanging HUGS Hammocks Made in Canada

Hennessey Hammocks

Tom Hennessey grew up in America hiking, biking, and camping all over the East Coast and Appalachian Mountains. At the age of 16, he bought a WWII jungle hammock to sleep in on his 200-mile bike trips and he never looked back. Hammocks became his obsession. He had the vision and had his mother help him make prototypes for his own line of hammocks.

Hennessey is a classic name for hikers, campers, and even those slightly insane people that sleep hanging off the side of a cliff. They have been carried in MEC and REI, which are two of the biggest names in outdoor shops in North America, since 1999.

These hammocks are a far cry from the luxury comforts that we just looked at because these hammocks are built to get a job done. They will keep you safe, dry, and off the ground. Below are links to their most classic model and the upgraded model that has an extra mesh net layer to keep the mosquitos at bay.

Expedition Classic

4Season Expedition Zip

Hennessey Hammocks Made in Canada

Hofman Outdoor Gear Supply

A sturdy outdoorsman from Central Canada can respect and trust this brand to give exactly what is required to withstand the Canadian outdoors. They source their fabric from the United States but assemble everything in Manitoba. The winter models are stuffed to the brim with Canadian goose down and these hammocks are built to last.

Hofman Outdoor is a very new company that started pre-pandemic and has already earned the respect of Canada. Below I’ve included links to both their cold-weather and warm-weather hammocks so that you can make an informed choice about what is right for you.

49th ParallelHyperD Cottager

49th Parallel Aurora Camping Hammock

Hofman Outdoor Gear Supply Hammocks Made in Canada

Kingcord Hammocks

Kingcord produces a classic southern-style hammock that many people seek for swinging in the breeze by the lake or beach. They have been in business since 1976 and although they have a retail location in New York, they are 100% Canadian-made. They just figure that someone needs to serve New England with great quality.

They offer far more than just classic hammocks, though, with rope loungers and hanging rope chairs part of their product range. Basically, if you want to hang off of the ground in comfort, they can help make sure that happens.

With the links below you can check out both their most classic hammock and one that I think looks like the most comfortable. I need a vacation somewhere warm after looking at hammocks all day, but it is definitely worth it to provide all of this information.

Hampton Head Rope Hammock

Relaxing Hammock Lounger

Kingcord Hammocks Made in Canada

Little Shop of Hammocks

This was another recommendation from the people of Reddit. It sounds like just a hammock shop but they custom-build their own hammocks and other gear, too. They are proud of their Canadian equipment and keep quality in mind.

Anything that you order has a 10-week expected turnaround because they are methodically produced by craftsmen, not just turned out by a factory in Southeast Asia.

Their focus, like many Canadian companies on this list, is outdoors, but they focus heavily on hunters and their products often come in camo. This is the only company that I have found in Canada that caters to that market so their customer base is very loyal.

Below I’ve included links to show both of the Hammocks that they make. They are both ultralight but the second option takes that one step further and cuts down any excess fabric that could flap, rustle, or make any noise that would scare animals away.

Warrior UltraLite Hammock

Warrior ‘Edge’ Hammock

Little Shop of Hammocks Made in Canada

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