Kegerators Made in the USA (Do They Exist?)


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Kegerators are something that definitely feel American. When you see a college party or a nice grilling scene in a movie, seeing someone with beer on tap at their own home is becoming the norm. For something that is so American, it is surprisingly difficult to find Kegerators that were manufactured in America. In this article, I will help you sort through the options for American-made Kegerators.


Which Companies Sell Kegerators Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found 6 different brands that still produce Kegerators in the USA. Those are American Made Grills, Beverage Air, Fire Magic, Kegco, Marvel, and Perlick. They range from basic models to top-of-the-line to provide you with whatever you are looking for.

American-Made Kegerators (6 Brands to Choose From)

Kegerators range in complexity, price, and quality so there is definitely a wide range of products to choose from to make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Whether you are a microbrewery or a fraternity, a Kegerator should be an essential item for you.

American Made Grills

American Made Grills was founded more than 20 years ago and is still to this day a family-owned and operated business that is based in Huntington Beach, California. All of its products are backed by great guarantees on parts and function so it definitely feels like quality equipment.

Huntington Beach is one of those overcrowded party beach towns in California that feels like the perfect place to house a grill and kegerator company. Grilling and enjoying a nice beer outside is a major part of life there all year round.

American Made Grills offers two models of Kegerator both of which are built to stand up to outdoor conditions. It offers single tap and double tap options in case you are having a party and some of the guests want more than one beer option.

24″ 6.6c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator Single Tower

24″ 6.6c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Kegerator Double Tower

American Made Grills Kegerators Made in USA

Beverage Air

Beverage-Air was founded in 1944 by John Buffington and is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the restaurant and catering industry. The company is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. where it provides great value, a diverse product line, and high-quality equipment for the industry. Lately, Kegerators have become a much more common fixture in the home so this has been incorporated into the company’s production strategy.

Its line of Kegerators is designed for indoor use so they are perfect for a home bar or a ‘mancave’. All of its products including Kegerators are Manufactured in America in Bookville, Pennsylvania.

Below are the links to 2 models that Beverage-Air makes that really show the range of its products. It makes everything from a small, single tap, in-home Kegerator, all the way up to a triple tap system that can hold full-size kegs (which are around 140 pints of beer each).



Beverage Air Kegerators Made in USA

Fire Magic

Fire Magic Kegerators Made in USA

Fire Magic launched in California over 75 years ago as an outdoor grilling company during the great suburban expansion of America. Two things that every American needed in the 50s was a car and a grill. It was, and to a large part still is, the American way. The company is still based in the City of Industry, California, where it recently added heavy-duty Kegerators to go with its outdoor kitchens and grills.

As the company’s Kegerators are designed for outdoor use they are all built of stainless steel and fit seamlessly with grills and other shiny outdoor equipment.

Fire Magic only makes one model of Kegerator and it is designed for people that want a bit more variety than a single beer on tap. If you throw a backyard party this is perfect to keep everyone happy.

3594-DR or 3594-DL


Kegco Kegerators Made in USA

This is where the list becomes a bit less conventional. Many people love to brew their own beer at home and there is something very American about building stuff from the ground up. Kegco has realized and seized upon that and provides American-made parts to build your own Kegerator, so you can dispense your own beer.

It is a novel idea but I decided to include it because of course it is made in America if the parts are American and you are assembling it in America. Think of it as the American Beer IKEA. For the less mechanically inclined they do also sell pre-built Kegerators and they come in a variety of styles that you probably have not even thought about needing yet. They have Kombucha Kegerators, Cold Brew Kegerators, and Even Hot Brew Kegerators which will heat hot wines and other drinks to allow you to enjoy them during winter.

Kegco is the flagship brand of Cydea, Inc., which was founded in 1997 in San Diego, California. The company is still based there and produces all of its equipment for brewing and dispensing homemade beverages in San Diego.

It was impossible to link to just 2 models for this company because they cover a huge range of Kegerators. I have chosen to include a Hot Draft Kegerator, a Cold Brew Kegerator, and even the Kombucha Kegerator.





Marvel Kegerators Made in USA

Marvel is a grandfather in the refrigeration business and has been manufacturing iceboxes and newer equipment in Greenville, Michigan, since 1892. It is the only company on our list that predates the common use of electricity in homes. Edison established his lightbulb company just 10 years prior, but it would be decades before half of the homes in America had electricity.

Today Marvel builds a limited range of Kegerators that are good for both home and small commercial premises. The entire range is intended to be used indoors or somewhere outside that is out of the rain, such as under a large covered porch.

Below you can find links to two models that Marvel produces; one is the only model I have seen on wheels while performing this search and the other is a pretty standard double tap model that is durable and functional.




Perlick was founded in 1917 by a young German immigrant named Robert K. Perlick – 5 generations later the company is still family owned and still based in Milwaukee where it began. It started as a brass company and had strong ties to the brewery industry. To this day, Perlick is still one of the largest providers of brewery equipment and fittings but it has also expanded out into more complex equipment such as Kegerators.

Germans are known for their industrial and technical skills which is exactly what Robert Perlick poured into his company 105 years ago. Now Perlick makes some of the finest, albeit most expensive, Kegerators to be found on the American market.

Here are 2 of Perlick’s higher-end Kegerators, both of which are over $6000 dollars. People still swear by them despite their price.



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