Tire Inflators Made in the USA (Here’s What I Found)


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tire inflator made in usa

Tire inflators are particularly important for ensuring your tires are not only full for legal reasons, but also for overall safety and efficiency. Purchasing tire inflators that are manufactured in the USA helps to ensure quality, environment-friendly production, and local jobs. That is why I have written an article on tire inflators made in the USA.


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After extensive research, I found one brand that manufactures tire inflators in America. This company is MotoPumps.


MotoPumps was founded in 2005 by a family of riders in Upstate New York. The owner suffered several flat tires throughout a short span of riding trips. As this became tiresome, the owner decided to take control.

On return from the trip, the owner began their mission, building a 12-volt inflator for tires and this was the birth of The MotoPump. Shortly afterward, over 6,000 handpumps were constructed and sold on the company’s new website.

The fantastic innovation of products expanded the company rapidly and is recognized as one of the most advanced inflators on the market. All of MotoPumps products from the Mini Pro to the Air Shot are manufactured by MotoPumps in the USA. For example, the factory is in Pennsylvania and part makers are located in other areas of New York.

MotoPumps Tire Inflators Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.motopumps.com/shop/air-shot-2

This is a link to MotoPumps’ US-made tire inflator.

Honorable Mention

Not all companies can sell products that are manufactured in the USA. The most likely reason is cutting costs for the business which can include many other factors.

During my research for tire inflators, I found a few companies that have turned out to use some external manufacturers outside America. Let’s take a closer look at these companies.

Tool Planet

Tool Planet began over 20 years ago and sold diamond blades to contractors. Many customers had queries over whether the business sold any other products. As the customers loved the business so much, they only wished to purchase other products from Tool Planet.

Due to many requests for other products, Tool Planet expanded and now provides many different tools for all the customer’s needs. Tool Planet now has one of the widest ranges of tools across the country and this includes tire inflators.

On this list, all the tire inflators sold by Tool Planet are from several different manufacturers. Although it proved difficult to find these manufacturers’ locations and further information, it is safe to assume that not all of its manufacturing takes place within the US.


Oasis was founded in 1996 by John and Connie Williams. The business is family-run and even has both children helping out and they have been since they were little. As far as experience goes, every work family member has plenty. The business was birthed out of the need for better machines to provide quality tire pressure.

Many road enthusiasts recalled a struggle with changing the air in their tires. Frustrated with these issues, John took self-responsibility for creating the “Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators” which allowed drivers to air down their tires whilst driving. Next, the re-inflation of tires was a concern. John constructed many air compressors and inflators through many years of innovation and creativity.

The company offers a wide range of inflators and air systems, providing personalized expertise to assist any customers with advice for their products. However, the company website does not state any information on the manufacturing location. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that all tire inflators are manufactured in the US.


RapidAir prides itself on creating and selling air products that allow shops and garages to improve without breaking the bank. Each product is easy to install and maintains the highest standards to help guarantee quality.

Andy, the inventor, constructed the idea in his garage whilst working on his car. Sick of dragging air hoses around, an affordable, quick, and reliable inflator was needed. This became the catalyst for the Garage Air Line Kit, which was manufactured after the lightbulb moment in his garage.

RapidAir is incredibly proud to assist each and every customer with passionate and efficient service. The company’s motto for customers is to “bless, impress and cause you LESS stress” and with its team of experts, all questions will be answered for every product concern. Again, RapidAir does not provide location details for its manufacturing process, meaning we cannot assume that all its products are constructed in America.

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