Wood Stoves Made in Canada (4 Brands That Sell Them)


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Wood stoves help to provide economic heating at a reduced carbon footprint when compared to other types of stoves. Many people prefer to purchase wood stoves made in Canada, and that is why I have written an article on wood stoves that are manufactured in Canada.


Brands That Sell Wood Stoves Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After lots of research on Canadian-made wood stoves, I found four different companies. These four different brands are Drolet, Century Heating, Cubic, and Osburn. Let’s take a look at these in more depth.


Drolet dates all the way back to 1875. The company’s first workshop was opened in Quebec by Francois-Xavier Drolet. The founder was recognized as an expert mechanic and alongside his employees they manufactured many different mechanisms and various engines. Drolet became a success and therefore expanded, meaning a new plant was required for manufacturing in 1907.

Shortly after, Drolet’s two sons joined the company and eventually succeeded their father as the owners of the business. Drolet has a fine history of manufacturing and innovation in many different fields, including wood stoves.

To this day, all of Drolet’s products are manufactured in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, just outside of Quebec, Canada. Each product is manufactured in a premium facility that guarantees quality and with a rich history, a great deal of experience, and family traditions, these wood stoves are some of the best.

Drolet Wood Stoves Made in Canada

Image Source: https://www.drolet.ca/ca/en/about

Look at this list of Drolet’s wood stoves manufactured in Canada.

Century Heating

Century Heating was founded in 1980 in Orillia, Ontario. The founder of the original company, Gord Cook, began by constructing his own line of wood stoves before expanding the business into a further adventure by selling a wide range of products.

By 1984, the business was taken over by Haugh’s Products which developed an entire line of wood stoves with many Canadian stores. Under the new reign, Haugh developed the company’s first-ever EPA-certified stove.

Every customer of Century Heating benefits massively from their purchases. Century Heating claims to have “the best quality-price ratio” because Century promises to manufacture only the best heating devices whilst selling at an affordable price. Each stove is made in Quebec, Canada, providing heat throughout Canada’s cold winters in your home. The wood stoves are designed to be flexible as they can be utilized throughout any room in your house.

Century Heating Wood Stoves Made in Canada

Image Source: https://www.century-heating.com/ca/en/about/

Check out this list of Century Heating’s wood stoves manufactured in Canada.


Cubic was founded by Alex Tzabanakis. The owner is also the inventor of the Cubic Mini Wood Stove. Alex recalls spending excellent days by the lake, but come the evening the weather would turn instantly cold, making the experience far less enjoyable.

Alex and many of his guests would suffer from the cold, losing sleep and being kept awake due to damp conditions. These moments triggered a realization point in Alex, something needed to change. Alex already owned a fabrication company and this pushed him to dedicate time to engineering the Cubic Mini Wood Stove. After manufacturing this, many neighbors and friends requested their own. This led to the creation of the online store.

These wood stoves are unique as they are portable as well as economical, eco-friendly, and expertly manufactured. Above all, each Cubic Mini Wood Stove is manufactured in the company shop, located in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. Now, many folks’ issues are solved with this quality portable wood stove.

Cubic Wood Stoves Made in Canada

Here is a list of Cubic’s wood stoves that are manufactured in Canada.


Osburn specializes in the design and construction of home heating supplies such as wood stoves. The Osburn company sells its products through several different brands as it is highly respected in the wood stove market.

Osburn only sells products that meet the Canadian emissions standard and sells wood stoves that require far less maintenance than other brands. All of Osburn’s products are manufactured in Canada using top-quality materials in order to provide only the best wood stoves for your home.

Osburn Wood Stoves Made in Canada

Image Source: https://www.osburn-mfg.com/en/

Look at this list of Canadian-made wood stoves by Osburn.

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