Sofas Made in the USA (What’s Out There?)


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Sofas are important for many people as it completes the aesthetics of their living room. People also want a comforting place to sit and relax after a long, hectic day at work. So, making sure these sofas are comfortable and durable means they require quality materials. This is why many people want sofas that are made in the US. Here’s an article on the best American-made couches.


Brands That Sell Sofas Made in America (The Short Answer)

After I conducted lots of research, I discovered five different brands that manufacture sofas in the USA. These brands are Coley Home, Simplicity Sofas, Norwalk Furniture, Roger + Chris, and Dutch Crafters.

Coley Home

Coley Home is an incredibly new business that was founded in 2019. The furniture line has expanded rapidly in correlation with the business. In 2020, Colley Home won the runner-up in the ‘Garden & Gun Made-in-the-South Awards’ according to its about us page. Coley Home was founded by Coley Hull after she had studied for years in designing textiles in New York. After this, she decided to develop her own e-commerce furniture website.

All of Coley Home’s sofas are handmade to order in America. The family business’s manufacturing facility is located in North Carolina. Coley Home believes in supporting its community and the manufacturing team has many years of experience, meaning the sofas you purchase were handled and designed by experts.

Coley Home Sofas Made in USA

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Have a look at this list of Coley Home’s sofas made in the USA.

Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas was founded in 2007 by Mr. Diaz. During the first three years of the company, Mr. Diaz personally built every sofa that was sold. Simplicity Sofas focuses on constructing furniture for small and tight spaces including apartments and small sleeper sofas for smaller rooms. It also makes customized full-size and mid-size sofas to provide for all customers with varying needs. This page shows the many awards that Simplicity Sofas has accumulated over recent years.

The company builds its own frames using high-grade, durable solid oak. Each cushioning on the sofas is handcrafted individually, using memory foam and they typically last three times longer than the average furniture store cushions. All sofas are sold directly from the shop, rather than using a middle-man such as retailers. The manufacturing process is located in North Carolina and all sofas are handcrafted by expert builders.

Simplicity Sofas Made in USA

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Below is a list of sofas made in America by Simplicity Sofas.

Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk Furniture separates itself from the rest through the sheer quality of its furniture. Quality control is vital throughout the construction process and is monitored to ensure the company’s high standards are always achieved. The inspection team guarantees this process is always complete.

All the materials are from reliable fabric suppliers across the US. Each sofa is locally sourced and manufactured. Norwalk Furniture is proud to manufacture premium sofas in America. The facility is located in Norwalk, Ohio. This guarantees each product you purchase from this Ohio-based company is produced with the handmade quality and superior materials that combine to make comfortable sofas that are built to last.

Norwalk Furniture Sofas Made in USA

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Here’s a list of Norwalk Furniture’s all-American sofas.

Roger + Chris

Roger + Chris is a unique furniture seller because it builds its own sofas and frames. Most other brands get external manufacturers to handle this process, but not Roger + Chris. Many different styles, sizes, and colors of sofas are constructed by the manufacturers and there are over 10,000,000 different combinations available for customers. Every single piece that builds the sofas is made individually. This is unique because no size fits all, each sofa is different and Roger + Chris recognizes the individuality required to construct sofas.

The furniture is made from scratch in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. Roger + Chris does not like the lack of transparency with companies, when Roger + Chris says it manufactures in America, it means it. The manufacturing facility is huge, with two factories making up a combined 45,000 square feet of space for production.

Roger + Chris Sofas Made in USA

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This is a list of Roger + Chirs’ best American-made sofas.

Dutch Crafters

Dutch Crafters has been producing handmade quality sofas since 2003. It is the leading retailer of Amish-made furniture that sells online and in its two showrooms, Sarasota and Alpharetta. This company wishes to blend both styles with the values of quality craftsmanship.

Since being founded in 2003, quality furniture has been sourced from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Dutch Crafters has a great relationship with woodshops and Amish craftsmen and this allows the production of durable and reliable furniture made with quality engineering and materials.

Dutch Crafters Sofas Made in USA

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Here is a link to the Dutch Crafters all-American showroom with quality handmade sofas.

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