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Sofas are the place you go to relax, converse, watch television, or even nap after an incredibly busy day. You want that moment to be as comfortable as possible. This is why many people are particular about the sofas that they purchase. That is why I have written an article about sofas made in Britain.


Brands That Sell Sofas Made in the UK (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I have found four different companies that manufacture sofas in Britain. These four companies are The English Sofa Company, Long Eaton Sofas, Willow & Hall, and Sofas & Stuff.

The English Sofa Company

The English Sofa Company was founded over 55 years ago. Over these many years, it has sold living room furniture to hundreds of homes in the UK and has sold products across Europe, Japan, the USA, and Australia. It is one of the longest-standing sofa manufacturers in the UK, constantly updating its aesthetic to fit modern trends.

All of The English Sofa Company’s products are made in the UK. Each sofa comes with a 15-year guarantee as the company is so confident in the quality of its materials, design, and craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.

The English Sofa Company Made in UK

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Here’s a list of traditional sofas made in the UK by The English Sofa Company.

Long Eaton Sofas

Long Eaton Sofas is a family-owned business that was founded in 1988. Today, it continues to be a family-run business with a focus on producing only the best handmade sofas. With a highly skilled workforce, and some working at the company for over 25 years, every product is constructed with expert craftsmanship.

A fantastic range of sofas that are handmade in Long Eaton, UK, makes this company stand out. Every sofa is inspected by the team to ensure it has a high-quality finish. Long Eaton Sofas uses a wide range of premium fabrics from over 40 of the UK’s best fabric houses.

Long Eaton Sofas Made in UK

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Below is a list of Long Eaton Sofas’ British-made sofas.

Willow & Hall

Willow & Hall was founded by Sarah Massouh. She was searching for a sofa and sofa bed to purchase. As she went shopping, she discovered all the luxurious living room furniture on the market. This was the catalyst for Sarah’s passion for living room furniture. From then on, Willow & Hollow was set up to create only the best British-made furniture for living rooms and bedrooms.

The first design sketched by Sarah is still sold today at Willow & Hall. The team has a strong passion to create traditional and modern sofa aesthetics that bring a welcoming touch to your living room. The quality design and craftsmanship come together to create premium-quality sofas from the best fabrics. The workshops, where every sofa is manufactured, are located in Wiltshire, Lancashire, and Mid Glamorgan. The team has over 30 years of experience, which gives every sofa unique individual quality.

Willow & Hall Sofas Made in UK

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Here’s a list of Willow & Hall’s best sofas made in the UK.

Sofas & Stuff

Sofas & Stuff is a family-owned business that sells furniture and fabric. It was founded in 2009 by Andrew Cussins and Julia Cussins. A connection with furniture goes back in the family tree to the post-World War II period. Andrew worked at his father’s furniture shop as an apprentice, where he learned the craft of high-quality furniture. Andrew had a passion to create and share high-quality furniture for the UK from his own shop.

Each and every sofa is designed with true beauty and comfort, without conforming to any modern trends. Sofas & Stuff produce some of the best sofas that stick to the traditional roots of living room furniture. Every sofa you order from Sofas & Stuff is handmade in the company’s factory.

The facility is located in Preston, Lancashire, and the owners believe this further indicates the quality of its furniture. All of the team have accumulated many years of experience and wish to help younger people learn the traditions of the craft, to pass on the torch. Throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process, the planet is considered. Sofas & Stuff work towards helping the ecosystem.

Below is a list of Sofa & Stuff’s traditional sofas made in the UK.

Honourable Mentions

Some companies cannot afford to manufacture their entire product line in the UK. Although they may produce the majority of their products in the UK, some may be manufactured externally and use foreign materials. Here are the companies I discovered after some research that manufactured some products abroad.


Loaf aims to make furniture that people can relax in. Founded in 2008 and based in London, Loaf designs furniture that makes your life easier. Loaf is recognized for its all-around quality of sofas that change the way you sit down and relax. This is what puts this company amongst the best in England.

However, some of the manufacturing processes take part in Long Eaton, UK, whereas the rest takes place internationally. So, most sofas are handbuilt by a skilled team of craftsmen. But, Loaf cannot guarantee that every sofa you purchase is made in England.

Loaf Sofas Made in UK

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ScS was founded in 1894 in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK. Over a century later, the company has expanded into one of the biggest home furnishing sellers in the UK. With 98 stores across the UK, ScS employs roughly 1,500 people, providing jobs in many communities. ScS values its customers and wishes to provide quality service and products to everyone.

However, after some research, it is clear that not all of ScS’ sofas are manufactured in the UK. The company website states that ‘many’ of its sofas are handmade in the UK. This suggests that a large number of the company’s products are manufactured elsewhere.

ScS Sofas Made in UK

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