Sofas Made in Canada (Are There Any?)


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Having a great sofa is essential for many folks because it completes the aesthetic of your house and living room and provides a comforting spot for you to relax after a day of action. Many people are particular about having sofas made in Canada because it often guarantees quality materials and ethical, eco-friendly manufacturing. Here’s an article on sofas manufactured and sold in Canada.


Brands That Sell Sofas Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I have discovered five different companies that manufacture sofas in Canada. These five companies are Cozey, Canadian Furniture, Candace & Basil, Stoney Creek Furniture, and Chervin.


Cozey wishes to solve all the frustrations of buying a sofa for your living room. Frederic Aube, the company founder, had the innovative idea of delivering sofas in multiple boxes paired with a tool-free assembly. This way, you won’t have the disaster of buying a sofa that won’t even fit through your front door on delivery. The company aims to provide furniture that is simple yet delightful. Each sofa is designed with innovation that pushes the boundaries, going the extra mile for its customers.

All of Cozey’s sofas are made entirely with the best materials. At Cozey, comfort and quality come first. Each aspect of each product is carefully selected by experts to maintain the business’s high standards. Every design is produced to provide an excellent experience with your sofa without being complicated. The manufacturing facility is located in Montreal, Canada, meaning Cozey selects all the materials that make for a highly sustainable production process.

Cozey Sofas Made in Canada

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Check out this list of Canadian-made sofas by Cozey.

Canadian Furniture

Canadian Furniture was founded in 1986 and it is a family-run business. The business aim is to assist Canadians in building their dream homes with the ideal aesthetic for their living room. As a Canadian-based company, Canadian Furniture offers free shipping within the Southern Ontario region. Canadian Furniture is highly rated by all of its local customers, proving that its sofas are high-quality and it is a popular choice for all locals that wish to purchase premium furniture.

Canadian Furniture Sofas Made in Canada 1

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All of Canadian Furniture’s sofas are proudly manufactured in Canada, with a large majority of its sofas being produced within Toronto and the Greater Toronto region. This guarantees the materials are hand-picked by engineers given local jobs and manufactured in an eco-friendly style that will not harm the environment.

Canadian Furniture Sofas Made in Canada 2

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Here’s a list of Canadian Furniture’s sofas.

Candace & Basil

Candace & Basil was founded in 1986 and has contributed largely to the Canadian furniture industry, distributing nationwide for many years. It is a family-owned business and offers a modern take on living room furniture. Candace & Basil is known for fast, efficient shipping and excellent customer service. The company has been able to minimize costs to keep prices as low as possible for its customers.

When you shop at Candace & Basil, you are guaranteed Canadian-made quality with the manufacturing process being entirely in Canada. Being in control of the materials and the overall manufacturing process enables Candace & Basil to have complete confidence in the quality of the sofas it sells. The company states this provides customers with only the best quality sofas and materials.

Candace & Basil Sofas Made in Canada

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Below is a list of Candace &= Basil’s Canadian-made sofas.

Stoney Creek Furniture

Stoney Creek Furniture was founded around 50 years ago as a small town store in Stoney Creek. As of today, Stoney Creek Furniture owns one of the largest showrooms in Canada. Although the company has expanded, the customer service has never declined and customers are just as happy as they were when the store was just a small-town business.

Stoney Creek Furniture boasts a wide selection of sofas that range from contemporary designs to more traditional takes. The store has a style for every kind of customer and it is the versatility of the company that makes it unique.

According to the ‘About Us’ page, Stoney Creek Furniture has won many awards such as the ‘Consumer Choice Award 2022’ and the ‘Toronto Star Readers’ Choice 2022’ diamond and platinum awards. All of these awards are a recognition of the company’s effortless innovations toward living room furniture and comfort. Stoney Creek Furniture is proud of its traditional, local roots. Hence, all the furniture is made in Canada.

As it is partnered with many Canadian furniture manufacturers, all fabrics and materials are Canadian and the firm builds sofas that provide durability as well as comfort.

Stoney Creek Furniture Sofas Made in Canada

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This is a list of Stoney Creek Furniture’s all-Canadian sofas.


Chervin was founded in 1991 by Kevin Bauman and his wife, Cheryl. The story starts when Kevin, as a young boy, had a passion for crafting and building toys from wood. This is where he developed his craftsmanship.

The business has changed a lot throughout the years, having expanded and changed locations multiple times. The equipment of the business is always upgraded to provide quality and affordability for not only the business but the customers too.

Chervin has control over the manufacturing process and delivering the products. This way, the owners always surpass customers’ expectations and deliver premium-quality sofas that will complete the desired aesthetic of your living room whilst providing a great deal of comfort.

Detail is a massive focus on every product to ensure customers always get what they wish for. All of Chervin’s sofas are manufactured in Canada, sticking to the traditions of the business and keeping customers happy.

Chervin Sofas Made in Canada

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Below is a list of Chervin’s best Canadian-manufactured sofas.

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