Shower Heads Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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There is no shortage of options if you want to purchase a shower head for your newly-refurbished bathroom, but what are you going to do if you want to make sure your fixture was produced in America, by American workers? That’s another question entirely. Fortunately for you, it looks like you aren’t out of luck here!


Which Companies Sell Shower Heads Made in the United States (The Short Answer)

I’ve spent a bit of time looking around, and I’ve managed to find five companies that produce shower heads in the United States. Those companies are: High Sierra, Hansgrohe, Moen, Brizo, and Delta Faucet.

A List of American-Made Shower Heads (Five Brands to Choose From)

Let’s examine each of these companies in more detail.

High Sierra

The first company on my list, High Sierra, appears to take special pride in the fact that its shower heads are made in America. Whereas most companies really make you hunt for the information if you want to find out where its products are made, High Sierra has a whole blog post devoted to this very topic.

High Sierra notes that its products are manufactured in California. It does specify that its shower heads are made from both domestic and imported parts, however.

Shower heads and nozzles are the only products that High Sierra produces. As far as I can tell, its production facility in California is the only manufacturing plant it operates, so even setting the assurances aside, you can be confident that any product you purchase from this firm has been produced in the United States.

High Sierra appears to be the brainchild of a man named David Malcolm. In an interview posted on the website homepage, he talks about his company’s claim to fame—High Sierra showerheads use significantly less water than standard-flow shower heads elsewhere in the United States.

David explains that customers switching from a standard-flow shower head to a High Sierra shower head can expect to save enough money to pay for their new shower head in a month and a half, just from savings on heating the shower water alone.

Classic™ Fixed Shower Head

HALF DOME™ Rain Shower Head


Founded more than a century ago in 1901 by Hans Grohe, Hansgrohe is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of shower heads, alongside hand showers and taps. As the name suggests, it is a German company, and its headquarters are located in Schiltach, Germany—the same town where it was established at the beginning of last century.

Hansgrohe employs nearly 5,000 workers. A sizable chunk (60%) of these workers are based in Germany, however, Hansgrohe maintains a global presence and the remaining workers operate in facilities on all continents.

The company’s manufacturing plants are located in Schiltach, Germany; Willstätt, Germany; Bad Bentheim, Germany; Offenburg, Germany; Alpirsbach, Germany; Shanghai, China; Wasselonne, France; and Alpharetta, Georgia (USA). As of 2021, the company was working on plans to open an additional facility in Serbia.

Hansgrohe is primarily a German business, and it can be difficult to find precise information on which specific products are produced in which country. I recommend caution if you want to buy from Hansgrohe—you will likely need to do some serious sleuthing for most of its products!

Nevertheless, I’ve found two shower heads that are definitively listed as being produced in the United States.

Hansgrohe 04961000

Hansgrohe 04824670


Moen, Incorporated was founded in 1956 by its namesake, Alfred M. Moen. He is listed as inventing the single-hand mixing faucet, something which won him great acclaim in Fortune magazine, alongside such household names as Henry Ford and Benjamin Franklin.

The company has changed hands multiple times over the decades, first operating as part of Ravenna Metal Products, then as part of Stanadyne, then Forstmann-Little & Company, and finally being purchased by Fortune Brands. Moen continues to operate as a subsidiary of Fortune Brands today.

Moen, Incorporated is headquartered in North Olmsted, Ohio in the United States. As of 2017, it had several manufacturing plants located in the United States, in New Bern, North Carolina; Sanford, North Carolina; and Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. It also has a single manufacturing facility in Changshu, China.

I have found several statements around the web which essentially imply that the manufacturing facilities in the United States are responsible for producing all of its products in North America; unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a definitive statement that affirms this.

You can probably be sure that, if you are buying one of the company’s products in the United States, it will have been made in the United States, but if you want to be absolutely certain, I recommend finding a product that is specifically labeled as being made in the US before continuing with your purchase. Here are some examples you can choose from:

Moen S112WR

Moen S112BG

Moen S6310EPNL


Brizo is absolutely, by far, the most high-end option that shows up on this list. The company markets its faucets as pieces of designer art and has prices to match. When I tell you these shower heads are expensive, I mean they are expensive. A cheap Brizo shower head is going to cost you around $150, and the more expensive ones go as high as $2000. Most of these products seem to hover around the $500-700 range, though.

The company is based out of Indiana and is owned by Delta Faucet Company. I have found multiple references which claim that Brizo products are produced in the United States, and I have found a number of specific products by Brizo which are listed as being “Made in the USA”, but I have not been able to find any specific information about where, specifically, Brizo manufactures its shower heads. Nor have I been able to find out how many production facilities it has. This one’s a real mystery, folks!

If you want to get your hands on one of these products, be prepared to travel: Brizo’s products cannot be ordered online. The company website proudly states that Brizo’s merchandise is available exclusively in showrooms.

I’m not sure if I would personally be willing to go through this much trouble (and cash!) for a simple shower head, but to each their own!

Brizo T60261-PC

Brizo T60275-PC

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Company was established in 1954 as a subsidiary of Masco Corporation, and, unlike many other companies I’ve written about, this one hasn’t changed hands—it remains a subsidiary of Masco Corporation even today.

The company was founded by Alex Manoogian, an Armenian immigrant to the United States who fled Turkey to escape persecution following the Armenian genocide. The man was only 19 years of age when he entered the United States.

Delta Faucet is one of the most recognizable kitchen and bath fixture companies on the American market, and it is a major player on the world stage as well. The company directly employs at least 2,500 people and sells products in more than 150 countries across the globe. Delta Faucet most recently declared revenue of $638 million.

The company is currently headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has manufacturing facilities in Greensburg, Indiana; Jackson, Tennessee; Lapeer, Michigan; Morgantown, Kentucky; and Panyu, China. Its products are sold at every major retailer in America. If you are American, you’ve certainly seen these products before.

Since the company has a production facility in China (and because I have seen rumors online that a not insignificant amount of their manufacturing has been delegated to external companies offshore), you’ll want to find products that are explicitly listed as being “Made in the USA” before you buy from Delta Faucet.

Delta Faucet RP70175

Delta Faucet 57085-SS

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