Dishwashers Made in the UK (Are There Any?)


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As of 2018, 49% of households in the UK own a dishwasher, compared to 40% in 2010, and that number is growing yearly. Contrary to popular belief, washing dishes by hand is more expensive than using a dishwasher as it requires four times more water. And it’s ten times more annoying! If you’re looking for a dishwasher, there are now so many different options on the market, but you might be wondering – are there any British dishwasher brands?


Are There Any Companies That Make Dishwashers in the UK?

After doing some research, I found that no dishwashers are made in the United Kingdom.

Dishwashers that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in the UK


Hotpoint is a British domestic appliance manufacturer founded in 1911 in California. Today, it is owned by Whirlpool and Haier. In the United Kingdom, Hotpoint is supplied by Whirlpool EMEA SpA.

After doing some research, I found a lot of conflicting information from different sources. So, I contacted Hotpoint myself to find out where their dishwashers were made, but they weren’t forthcoming. This makes me suspect that their dishwashers are no longer made in the United Kingdom.

When I asked where the company manufactures its dishwashers, I was told “the appliance shall say which country this was made on the back label of the appliance”. When I mentioned that I didn’t own a Hotpoint appliance and simply wanted general information, I was told that “I’m afraid we haven’t got that information to provide you with”.

I insisted and asked the agent if they could tell me if their dishwashers are made in the UK, and I was told “we can’t advise on this as all appliances are different”.

Hotpoint Dishwashers Made in UK
Hotpoint Dishwashers Made in UK 2

So, I went to the company’s official website and looked at the dishwashers for sale. I clicked on a product listing and found a pdf with “product information”, where I found the supplier’s address: VIA CARLO PISACANE, 1 20016 PERO (MI) ITALY.

I searched that on Google and it’s the address of Whirlpool EMEA SpA, the official Whirlpool headquarters for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I came across a Bloomberg page that mentions that this site “manufactures and markets household appliances.”

So, in conclusion, it seems like Hotpoint dishwashers are made in Italy.


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