Wine Coolers Made in the USA (Here’s Some I Found)


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It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re hosting a get-together with all of your friends. What you need is a wine cooler. Even better, you want a wine cooler that was made in the United States, so that you can support the American economy and its workers.

Who should you buy from? What companies sell American-made wine coolers, anyway? In this article, I explore several companies I have found which are going to be your lifesaver when it comes to wine coolers made in America.


Which Companies manufacture Wine Coolers in America (The Short Answer)

After wandering around the internet while enjoying a nice Moscato, I found 5 different companies that still produce Wine Coolers in the USA. Those are KitchenAid, Marvel, Perlick, Summit Appliance, and U-line. Wine coolers are pretty standard nowadays but some of these have nice features or even style choices that may make them perfect for you…

American-Made Wine Coolers (5 Brands to Choose From)

I’ve done some extensive research online, and I’ve managed to identify five companies that sell wine coolers that were manufactured in the United States. There are some interesting options out there! Some of these wine coolers have great features, including zone control, which lets you select a different temperature for different sections of your cooler.


KitchenAid was founded in 1919 by The Hobart Manufacturing Company with the aim to produce stand mixers. I really love its mission statement, that food feeds the body, but making food feeds the soul. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

Anyway, KitchenAid has come a long way from its founding days. Today, it produces a wide variety of kitchen products, including cutlery, coffee makers, cooktops, mixers, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, blenders, and—of course—wine coolers.

I wasn’t able to find information on where all of these products are made, but I was able to find information confirming that at least some of KitchenAid’s products are manufactured in Ohio, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, and Arkansas.

So, although I can’t definitively guarantee that any product you buy from this firm comes from the United States, at the very least there is a decent possibility, and if you aren’t comfortable with that you can always do some more in-depth research for the specific product you want to buy (or just follow the links I’ve posted below).

Finding the best wine fridge for you is obviously very important. Different wines need different treatment! A lot of the better wine coolers out there offer temperature control zones, which allow you to cool different areas of your wine cooler to different temperatures. That’s a great feature to have if you want to store multiple wines. KitchenAid also offers a range of finishes on its wine coolers, including stainless steel, black stainless steel, and black.

KitchenAid makes a wide variety of wine coolers and some of them have amazing features but only one of them is verifiably made in America and I am listing it below. The one listed has dual zones which makes it perfect for storing multiple kinds of wines at the proper temperatures to serve for either a multi-course meal with wine pairings or just when you have guests over that have a different preference for white wines.

KitchenAid KUWL314KSS


Marvel Wine Coolers Made in USA

Marvel’s history is pretty interesting, at least in part because it’s hard to learn about! I wasn’t able to find much about the company’s early history. All I was able to find was that Marvel Industries was founded in 1892, and began its history specializing in manufacturing refrigerators for use in biomedical and laboratory settings, as well as in hotels, motels, offices, and ordinary homes.

The company was purchased in 1989 by Northland, a company owned at the time by Gordon Stauffer. Marvel changed hands again in 2016 when The Middleby Corporation acquired the company.

Marvel produces all of its products in America and the head offices are in Greenville, Michigan. In 2008 staff broke ground on their 175,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Greenville not far from their headquarters. If you buy from Marvel, you can definitely be certain you are buying American-made goods.

For Marvel, I have chosen a niche that many wine cooler manufacturers do not fill well. Most companies make coolers for 50 or even 100 bottles but Marvel also makes small slimline coolers that hold just 23 bottles.

Since most people I know do not need to store several dozen bottles of wine at a single time these seem ideal. The two that I have included are both single zone but one comes with a wine cradle at the bottom which is ideal for long-term wine storage.




Just like many of the other companies I write about, this one traces its roots to the early 1900s. Perlick began its history as R. Perlick Brass Works. The company was founded by Robert K. Perlick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he and his family built their new company up to success by riding on the coattails of Milwaukee’s beer industry.

R. Perlick Brass Works was established in the midst of Prohibition; at the time, beverages with 0.05% alcohol content remained legal despite the national ban on alcohol. The company found its niche as the only manufacturer and seller of brass dispensing products, which were eagerly purchased by the city’s breweries.

These days, Perlick Corporation remains a leader in the alcoholic beverage equipment and refrigeration industry. It is still a family-owned company to this day—five generations of hard work have gone into building Perlick’s success. As well, the company continues to be headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Perlick Corporation is also notable in that it is one of the only companies which produces both indoor and outdoor wine coolers.

With a long history in the alcohol and brewery business, you can expect Perlick to consider all angles. Every wine cooler that this firm makes is quite industrial so they may not fit into every home but I included the tallest and shortest wine coolers it makes for this list.

Below I included a very tall wine cooler that can hold 86 bottles and a short fridge that is made to fit neatly under ADA-compliant counters. This means it can only hold 32 bottles but it fills a very special niche in the market.



Summit Appliance

Summit Appliance Wine Coolers Made in USA

Felix Storch, Inc. is the official name of the company that was established in 1969 but its appliance division goes by the name Summit Appliance. This firm is Based in the Bronx just north of Manhattan in New York. Because of the location of the main office there, the majority of its workers arrive via public transportation which reduces pollution and helps aid its image as a real New York Company.

Since Felix Storch Inc. was founded in 1969 the directors have focused on making refrigerators and freezers for the medical, commercial, and private residential sectors. They have also been making cooking appliances but this is not the primary focus of the company. They trademarked Summit Appliance the first year that they were in business and have been expanding ever since.

In 2008 they built a large, modern warehouse in Edison, New Jersey to begin storing the large amounts of inventory that they made and in 2018 they had to expand it. In 2010 they opened another much larger production facility in Wallingford, Connecticut which brought the total amount of space that the company occupied for manufacturing and warehousing to over 400,000 square feet.

In New York and New Jersey, the company produces as much electricity as it can from solar panels that are installed on the roof of its buildings to help offset their carbon footprint.

Summit goes all out with its equipment so I have listed two of the most outlandish but still useful combination options that it produces. One is a combination wine cooler and kegerator that can be used indoors or outdoors which makes it perfect for grilling out with mixed company.

The second option listed is a fancy wine cooler that is mounted above a 2 drawer fridge freezer that is already fitted with brackets for you to build wood paneling to make it blend into your home.

30″ Wide Built-In Indoor/Outdoor Combination Wine Cellar/Kegerator

24″ Wide Combination Dual-Zone Wine Cellar and 2-Drawer Refrigerator-Freezer


U-Line Wine Coolers Made in USA

U-Line Corporation was founded in 1962 by one Henry Uihlein, Sr. The company was established as an outgrowth of Ben-Hur Freezers. Just like Perlick Corporation, U-Line Corporation is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States of America.

U-Line’s history sets it apart from Perlick, however. Where Perlick’s claim to fame lies in making the city’s only brass dispensing products, U-Line instead made its fortune selling the first under counter ice makers and wine refrigerators in the United States. U-Line has been part of the Middleby family of brands since 2014.

U-Line’s six decades in business have been marked by significant innovation. In fact, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued over 50 patents to the company.

U-line has worked to corner the upscale market and its products cater to deep pockets. Below, I have listed two special coolers, the only french door wine cooler on this list, which is dual zone and holds 62 bottles, and the smallest and most fancy cooler on the list which holds a single bottle. It is a smart tech activated in counter or in table wine cooler to chill a single bottle of wine during dinner.

3036WCWC 36″ Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

U-Chill In-Counter Cooling Cylinder

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