Paper Shredders Made in the USA (Still A Thing?)


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paper shredder made in usa

Paper shredders are crucial for helping keep private things private. With many companies opting to manufacture products overseas in a bid to reduce costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult finding products that are made outside of countries like China. But what about paper shredders? Are there any paper shredders made in the USA? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Do Any Brands Sell Paper Shredders Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search, I could only find 1 company that manufactures paper shredders in the USA. That company is Fellowes.

American Made Paper Shredders (What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which company offers USA made paper shredders, let’s take a look at it in more detail.


Fellowes was founded by Harry Fellowes in 1917. The company started out by manufacturing Bankers Box record storage boxes. But in the 1960s it began to turn its sights to making paper shredders.

Today it is one of America’s leading shredder brands and its products are used by businesses up and down the US. Fellowes has received a plethora of awards for its shredders over the years, this includes Red Dot Awards, ADEX Platinum Awards, and more. Here’s a link to all of Fellowes’ awards and achievements.

As for its manufacturing, Fellowes does manufacture a fair amount of its shredders in China and other countries outside the US. However, according to a document posted by the company back in 2011, its Powershred 400 series is manufactured at its facility in Itasca, Illinois.

Fellowes Paper Shredders Made in USA 1

As a whole, Fellowes has a handful of American based manufacturing plants. It has facilities in Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, and California.

Fellowes Paper Shredders Made in USA 2


While it looks like Fellowes manufactures more than one line of shredders in the USA, I couldn’t find out which ones are American made aside from the model line mentioned above.

Here’s a link to Fellowes’ American made shredder. For those wanting to find out more information about its other lines of shredders then here’s a link to Fellowes’ contact details.

Paper Shredders that Are Mistaken as Being Made in the USA

Unfortunately, there are a couple of companies that people seem to mistake as American manufacturers. I came across multiple third-party websites, all claiming that various companies manufacture their paper shredders in the USA. This simply is not the case. Here’s what I found.


Bonsaii is a well-known paper shredder company that was founded in 2005. Its shredders are owned by businesses and offices all over the world. They are said to be high-caliber, reliable paper shredders that are affordable and will last a long time.

The company is very open regarding its manufacturing location. It clearly states on Bonsaii’s about us page that its shredders are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and other countries. I could find no evidence on the company’s official site pointing towards it being an American manufacturer.

Bonsaii Paper Shredders Made in USA 1


Bonsaii Paper Shredders Made in USA 2



Aurora was founded in Taiwan in 1965. It wasn’t until 1975 that Aurora branched out into the US. It is a company that specializes in producing office equipment such as laminators, calculators, and paper shredders.

Similar to the other entry in this section, I came across a few third-party websites stating that Aurora manufactures its shredders in the US. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

While the company does have an American headquarters located in Torrance, California, I could find no evidence of manufacturing taking place at this facility.

After taking a look at the website Made in China, it states that Aurora is the top exporter of paper shredders in China. Also, according to the popular sales site Alibaba, Aurora’s shredders come from China.

Aurora Paper Shredders Made in USA


So, if you buy a paper shredder from Aurora then you will most likely receive a Chinese made product.

A Question For The Readers

If there are any readers who know of any companies that manufacture paper shredders in the US that aren’t featured in this article then let us know via the comment section below. Your comments help to keep our articles up to date with the latest information.

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