Leaf Blowers Made In The USA (2 Brands)


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Despite the fact that leaf blowers are noisy, sometimes clumsy, and are known to drive your neighbors crazy, millions of households in the USA own at least one, or more, leaf blowers.

The numbers are huge – a survey from Statista USA shows that in 2020, over 150 million Americans owned a leaf blowing device.

As we all know, so many of the products we use are made in China or Asian countries, so I decided to investigate a bit further and find out if there are still any leaf blowers made in the USA. Below I share what I discovered.


Companies that Sell Leaf Blowers Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I found that there are a couple of companies that offer leaf blowers made in the USA. These companies are Stihl and MacKissic.

A List of Leaf Blowers Made in the USA (2 Brands)

Now we’ll talk a bit more about these companies and the American made leaf blowers that they provide.

Stihl Leaf Blowers

STIHL was founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926, in Germany. The company was originally known for its production of chainsaws. To this day, it is still a privately owned business, managed by the descendants of the family.

In the mid-1970s, STHIL expanded its manufacturing arm into the United States and Brazil. The focus was on expanding a range of tools for landscaping and construction. The USA factory was established in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It comprises a 15-acre complex that also houses warehouses and administration buildings. Almost 2000 people are employed at these facilities.

STIHL also has operations in China, Japan, the UK, and Austria. But, almost 80 of their product models, including leaf blowers used in the USA, are actually made in the USA. Their website gives an interesting insight into the people who are part of the STIHL USA Team.

STIHL produces a range of gas-powered leaf blowers that are extremely powerful, portable, and packed full of smart features. They are ideal for both home and commercial uses. STIHL products are only available via authorized dealers.

MacKissic Leaf Blowers

MacKissic is an All-American company started in 1947 by Elton MacKissic, the then postmaster of Parker Ford Pennsylvania. He worked in the cellar of his home and produced plow trip rope releases and bale hooks for farmers. By 1952, the business had expanded and the product range included a mobile-on-the-farm hammermill and a molasses blender.

Leaf blowers, leaf shredders, stump cutters, sprayers, debris blowers, and walk-behind vacuums soon followed. The range was launched as the Mighty Mac® line. To this day, the business is family-owned and also offers products under the Merry Tiller®, Easy Auger®, and Merry Commercial brands.

The MacKissic Mighty Mac® leaf blower creates winds up to 200 miles per hour using a high-speed poly fiber reinforced impeller. The design focuses on smooth airflow that reduces wear and tear on the machine. For the operator, an anti-vibration grip with padding on the handle offers a comfortable hold and reduces fatigue. It is also adjustable to different heights. This is a classic American made leaf blower known for its reliability and customer support.

These Companies Proved to Be Dead Ends

While I was doing my research on USA made leaf blowers, I looked into several companies that initially appeared to fit these criteria, but I later found evidence that suggested otherwise. I’m going to talk about these companies below so you don’t buy what you assume to be an American made blower, only to be disappointed later.

Cub Cadet

At first glance, Cub Cadet appears to be a great American company with the motto – “Built In America”.

They produce a range of blower products that include lawn mowers, snow blowers, and leaf blowers. The leaf blowers are mainly wheeled, walk-behind models. I was initially thinking that these may be American made leaf blowers.


After doing some research, it appears that Cub Cadet has been acquired over the years by several different companies, including MTD Products which itself is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, who are known to do a lot of their manufacturing overseas. I also found an article that talks about a joint venture between Cub Cadet and an Asian partner who makes the Powermore® OHV engines. So while Cub Cadet leaf blowers are assembled in the USA, it looks to be highly likely that some of the parts may be produced in Asian countries.

Billy Goat

Billy Goat is another “All American” company that has its roots in Kansas City, Missouri. The company was started in 1967 as a manufacturer of turf-related products. They market their leaf blowers as “formidable machines packed full of features and functionality”. Up until 2015, the company was owned and operated by two generations of the Coates family. Billy Goat leaf blowers are known for their long-lasting durability and many have been used for 15 years or more.

In May 2015, the company was acquired by Briggs & Stratton, LLC. Briggs & Stratton, LLC. is an American-based company and one of the largest suppliers of lawn and garden equipment in the world. They have manufacturing plants in Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia. They also have a plant in China where certain components are made. When it comes to their leaf blowers, I found evidence to suggest that they are most probably assembled in the USA, but may contain components that are manufactured in the East.


CAT (Catterpillar Inc)

CAT (Catterpillar Inc) is a renowned American Fortune 100 Corporation that was founded in 1925. It was formed after a merger between Holt Manufacturing Company and the C.L. Best Tractor Company. The company sells engines, machinery, and has also moved into financial products. CAT offers a range of battery-powered handheld leaf blowers.

Looking at their leaf blower range, it appears that CAT collaborates with a Chinese corporation known as Positec. Positec is known for the Worx and Rockwell brands. Positec is located in Suzhou, China, and also has an operation in Charlotte, North Carolina. So, again, these blowers are probably not fully manufactured in the USA.

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers Made in the USA

If you’re looking for a corded electric leaf blower made in the USA, the options listed below are probably worth looking into.

Cordless Leaf Blowers Made in USA (Gas Powered)

If you’re looking for a cordless leaf blower made in the USA, then here are a few options for you to have a closer look at. All options listed below are gas-powered.

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