Washing Machines Made in Australia (Not Easy to Find)


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Australian made washing machines are hard to come by. And after doing a deep dive into the topic, they are still hard to come by! Whilst there are some companies that claim to produce washing machines in Australia, finding the details on where they are manufactured proved to be an impossible task. Here’s what I found.


Are there Any Washing Machines Made in Australia? (The Short Answer)

Yes. But the exact details aren’t known. The one company that manufactures some washing machines in Australia is Westinghouse.

Australian Made Washing Machines (What I Found)

The companies that do manufacture washing machines in Australia don’t go into any detail, which made it impossible to pinpoint any specific models or locations. But here is what I managed to find out.


Westinghouse started making automatic washing machines that didn’t need to be bolted to the floor in 1939. The company was founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse. It is an American founded company, but over the years it has expanded to become an international brand.

Today, Westinghouse is owned by the Electrolux company. As for the specifics regarding manufacturing locations, according to DanKitchens, Australia’s Westinghouse products are made at a “Cooking Plant” in Adelaide.


However, the Westinghouse website states that some products are brought in from other countries. This makes it impossible to say with 100% certainty where a product is from.


But for those who want to take a look at Westinghouse’s washing machines, here is a link to their products page.

Honorable Mention

There was a company that didn’t quite make the main list. This was due to the wording on its company website. “100% Australian owned.” This was the only information I could find regarding its ownership and manufacturing.


Founded in 1973, this Irish company was founded in Dublin. Euromaid made its way to Australia in 1995, and the company quickly expanded to become the third largest kitchen appliance company in Australia. When I say kitchen appliance, this covers washing machines too.

Today, the company is a part of the Glen Dimplex Group. This entity is made up of 40 companies located all around the world. So, as for the manufacturing, it was impossible to say for sure where exactly the washing machines are made.


If you know of any companies that provide washing machines that are made in Australia, let me know in the comments and I will update the article.

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