Washing Machines Made in UK (Yes, They Exist)


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Finding products that are made in the UK is getting increasingly difficult, and that is especially true when it comes to washing machines. After doing plenty of research into the topic, I was only able to find one brand that produces washing machines in the UK, so let’s take a look at what I found.


Which Brands Offer Washing Machines Made in the UK? (The Short Answer)

The only company I could find that produces washing machines in the UK was Ebac.


Ebac was founded in 1973 by John Elliot in Durham, England. The company has been making washing machines since the very beginning. The company’s headquarters is located in the same place where the company was founded.

Ebac has many different UK-made washing machines, and each of their machines is designed with efficiency in mind. Their machines are designed to be quick, thorough, and cost-effective, making them a very popular choice among British consumers.

As mentioned, there are a lot of different washing machine models made by Ebac, so instead of listing them all below, here is a link to all of the company’s washing machines.

Ebac manufactures all of its washing machines in the UK. All of the company’s washing machines are made at Ebac’s facility in Bishop Auckland, Durham.


By having all of its products manufactured in the same location, Ebac is able to apply the same high standard to each product very easily. This ensures that every one of its products lives up to the company’s reputation.

Something else that Ebac has that helps to distinguish them as a UK-made company is videos for each washing machine that show where and how it was manufactured, so when you buy from Ebac, you know it’s made in the UK.

If you wanted to see the videos of production, then click the link above and select a product. Then you will see a video of said product’s production method.

Ebac’s manufacturing facility has 250 highly trained employees along with a whole host of machinery that works in tandem to create Ebac’s range of high-quality products.

For those looking for Ebac’s most popular washing machines, here is a breakdown of the company’s top 3 washing machines.

1) Ebac E-care 8kg White Cold Fill

This is Ebac’s cheapest model coming in at £579 as of September of 2022. This machine comes with a 7-year warranty and it has a whole host of great features, including:

  • 45 item capacity
  • 28-minute quick wash
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very quiet operation

2) Ebac E-care 10kg Black Cold Fill

This model has a larger drum capacity than the entry above. The machine has a spin speed of 16000 RPM. Some of the other features that this machine has are:

  • 60 item capacity
  • Jet-propelled cleaning
  • Timer saver on all programs
  • 28-minute quick wash
  • Low energy consumption
  • 7-year warranty

3) Maxi Wash 8kg White Cold Fill

Finishing off this section is the Maxi Wash 8kg. This machine is great for medium-sized families. Some of the features this machine has are:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Ability to save your preferred settings
  • Increased agitation for stain removal
  • Very quiet operation
  • Easy iron setting
  • Built with intensive cleaning cycles

One Brand That Some People Mistakenly Think is UK Made


Although it states on several different news websites that the company no longer makes washing machines in the UK, people still get confused and mistake the brand for a UK-based brand. I’m going to clear that up.

The reason why people mistake Hotpoint for a company that makes washing machines in the UK is because they used to.

Hotpoint used to manufacture its washing machines at a factory located in Llandudno, Wales. The company has since moved production overseas to Italy and Poland. The reason behind this move was down to cost-cutting measures taken by the company.

On the company’s Wikipedia page it talks about the transition of its manufacturing operations from the UK to these countries (see screen grab below).


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