Knife Sharpeners Made in the USA (Do Any Exist?)


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Purchasing the right knife sharpener is an important procedure for any chef, home kitchen, or food enthusiast. Having a great knife sharpener guarantees that your knife’s quality will be maintained. So, I have written an article on knife sharpeners in America.


Brands That Sell Knife Sharpeners Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I discovered three different companies that manufacture knife sharpeners in America. These three companies are Ohsay USA, Rada Cutlery, and Razor Edge Systems.

Ohsay USA

OHSAY USA was founded in 2012 with the mission to help out neighbors by stimulating job growth and injecting pride into the local community. Providing Americans with US-made quality is what drives Ohsay USA. Employing only expert inventors, designers, and engineers to construct products that everybody deserves. Ohsay USA is forever expanding and popping up in many states across the US.

The hardened stainless steel knife sharpener is made in Iowa, USA. Ohsay USA believes that the optimal knife sharpener should be affordable, safe, and quick. The innovation used to craft this device makes it easy to use for even beginners.

Ohsay USA Knife Sharpeners Made in USA

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This is the only knife sharpener that Ohsay USA sells. It is produced with stainless steel and manufactured in the US.

Rada Cutlery

Rada Cutlery was founded in 1948. Post World War II, the manufacturing of aluminum and steel was no longer needed for war efforts. Instead, these metals were used to craft kitchen knives. Rada Cutlery is a family owned business located in Iowa, USA. As the company has expanded across the last 75 years, this has led to the production of knife sharpeners too.

To this day, all the products sold by Rada Cutlery are made in the USA. Every product is manufactured with hand craftsmanship, in order to sharpen your knives with extra efficiency. The business is committed to providing kitchen utensils to change the lives of others. Rada Cutlery claims to offer the “best knives at the best value”.

Rada Cutlery Knife Sharpeners Made in USA

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Here is Rada Cutlery’s best knife sharpener made in the USA.

Razor Edge Systems

Razor Edge Systems has been serving America in the meat industry since the 1970s. The company supplies products that are performance-driven and centered around customers’ needs and services. After more than 50 years of dedication to the industry, Razor Edge Systems considers itself an expert. In the early 1970s, Razor Edge Systems was the first company to produce a centralized sharpening system that solved the issues of other sharpening methods at the time.

The industrial standard knife sharpening equipment is 100% American and this guarantees high-quality, employment for communities and safety for the manufacturing process. Razor Edge Systems produces many versatile knife sharpeners for each and every field that requires knife sharpeners.

Razor Edge Systems Knife Sharpeners Made in USA

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Here is a list of knife-sharpening equipment made in America by Razor Edge Systems.

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