Dog Beds Made in Canada (I’ve Taken A Look)


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A reason why folks are particular about dog beds is that finding the correct product proves difficult. Often dog beds can stain, break or become uncomfortable for your dog because the company has skimped on the quality of the materials. That is why I have researched and written an article on dog beds manufactured in Canada.


Brands That Sell Dog Beds Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

Through lots of research, I have found three companies that manufacture dog beds in Canada. The three different companies I discovered are Mammoth, ecoDaisy, and Canadian Pooch.


Mammoth Dog Beds was founded in 1995 and has established itself as a company for customers that want the very best for their dogs. The company specializes in providing comfort for larger breed dogs. The entire line of beds sold by Mammoth are orthopedic and are highly recommended by vets and many dog owners.

As Mammoth wants to produce only the best products for your dogs, the company manufactures the entire line of top-quality dog beds in Canada. High-memory fill comes as a standard with all dog beds and is engineered to last. Upgraded versions include orthopedic foam.

Mammoth Dog Beds Made in Canada

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Here’s a list of Canadian-made dog beds by Mammoth.


ecoDaisy was developed to solve the issue of poor quality dog beds on offer in the market. Specializing in orthopedic mattresses, creating luxurious beds in an eco-friendly manner is vital for the process at ecoDaisy.

The deluxe dog beds are made from recycled pillow-top mattress foam that solves most dog owners’ concerns when it comes to beds. They are reliable, durable, easily washable, and built for comfort to support your dog’s body. After all, the company slogan is “Good for your dog… and the environment!” The manufacturing facility is located in Cumberland, Vancouver, Canada.

ecoDaisy Dog Beds Made in Canada

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Here’s a list of ecoDaisy’s all-Canadian dog beds.

Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch recognizes that dogs come in many different shapes and sizes and that ignoring this just won’t do. Jacqueline Prehogan, the founder and CEO, knew that as a dog owner, she never wanted her dog’s comfort compromised. Jacqueline cares about a dog’s comfort and style.

After 10 years of Canada Pooch, over 5,000 retailers sell these highly durable and comfortable dog beds. Canada Pooch’s head office and manufacturing facility are located in Toronto, Canada. The entire line of products is manufactured and designed at this location.

Canada Pooch Dog Beds Made in Canada

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Here is Canada Pooch’s only dog bed that is manufactured in Canada.

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