Kettles Made in Japan (4 Different Brands)


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Classic Japanese Tetsubin cast iron ceremony teapots are authentic Japanese kettles. This list is dedicated to all kettles that are made in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn’t find all that many kettles that are made in Japan. But nevertheless, let’s dive in.


Which Brands Produce Japanese Made Kettles? (The Short Answer)

The list of brands that manufacture kettles in Japan is a fairly short one. The only ones I found are Towa Workshop, Noda Horo, Sori Yanagi, and Ikenaga. Information is fairly scarce for a lot of these brands, so you will have to forgive any vague answers, sorry!

Kettles Made in Japan – 4 Different Brands

Towa Workshop

This first entry is a little tricky as there isn’t much information to go by. It almost seems like it’s a ghost brand! From what I could find, Towa Workshop is a Japanese company or entity that specializes in creating beautiful handmade cast iron teapots.

These pots come in various shapes and sizes, they also come with various stunning handcrafted designs along the outside of the pot. These cast iron teapots go by the name of Tetsubin, and it’s said that they provide a richer taste than other teapots out there due to the metal reacting with the water.

As mentioned, there really isn’t a lot to go by as far as information goes. However, you can purchase a Towa Workshop Testubin online. Just be sure to check with the seller that they are authentic and come from Japan, as there are a few knock-off brands out there!

Noda Horo

Noda Horo started out as an enamel producing company dating back to 1934. Since then, Noda Horo has grown into a company that makes a whole host of different products, including kitchenware, hygiene products, and more.

Noda Horo produces high-quality enamel kettles. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to produce any electric kettles. But as with most Japanese products, heritage is important to the brand, so they like to stay close to their roots.

Noda Horo’s kettles are designed to last a lifetime. They are strong and reliable, and they are compatible with both fire stoves and electric stoves.

Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi was a Japanese designer who spent his career creating stunning home decor. He was mainly known for designing the Butterfly Chair. The Sori Yanagi name became the brand’s identity which is still prevalent to this day.

Going back to the kettles. Sori Yanagi has a range of classic kettles, all produced in Japan. Just like the previous entry, Sori Yanagi does not produce electric kettles, only the old style kettles known as whistling kettles. It does share another similarity with Noda Horo in that these kettles are designed to last a lifetime.


Finishing up this section we have Ikenaga. Similar to the first entry on this list, information is hard to come by for this brand. But what I did find out is that Ikenaga is a Japanese brand that makes all of its products in Japan. Hence why it’s on this list!

The Ikenaga company was founded in 1937 in Osaka, Japan. The company started out manufacturing steel castings for various other businesses. Since then, the company has transitioned into the cast iron business.

Their kettles aren’t electric, they are cast iron kettles that are boiled on the stove. It’s starting to look like Japan doesn’t like electrical kettles! But all jokes aside, just like all of the products on today’s list, Ikenaga kettles are built to last.

Honorable Mention

There was one large company that didn’t quite make the cut. That company is Kalita.

The reason why it didn’t make it onto the main list is simple, it’s a coffee equipment company. But I’m sure you can see the connection!

Kalita was founded in 1959 in Tokyo. They offer up a whole host of coffee-related products including Drip Pots. Drip Pots are similar to kettles, but I’m sure that the coffee connoisseurs out there won’t like them being called kettles! I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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