Kettles Made in Germany (5 Brands)


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Like most countries these days, Germany doesn’t manufacture many products locally. A lot of product manufacturing is now done in China. That being said, there are still a few companies out there that still work locally. Today we are going to be looking into kettles made in Germany.


Which Brands Produce German Made Kettles?

Several well-known brands produce their kettles in Germany. They are Ritterwerk, Krups, Gaggenau, Siemens, and Leifheit.

Kettles Made in Germany – 5 Different Brands

Just before we dive into some of the kettles made in Germany I’d like to clarify something. There are other German-based kettle brands out there that didn’t make the list, like Braun for example. This is because although it seems like their products are made in Germany, upon closer inspection it turns out they are made in China.

So, with that out of the way, here are five brands that make at least some of their kettles in Germany


Founded back in 1905 by Franz Ritter, this company has always specialized in household appliances. Based in Gröbenzell, Germany, Ritterwerk has always been a German-run operation. A little historical fact for you, during WWI, Ritterwerk was forced to make cartouches for grenades.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Ritterwerk is very proud of the fact that they design, manufacture, and ship all of their products from their warehouses in Germany. That being said, like most other companies out there, Ritterwerk does outsource some of the smaller components from other countries.

As far as kettles go, it looks like they produce their line of kettles at their plant in Gröbenzell. The range is called the Kettle Fontana 5. They come in three different colors, black, white, and red. Whilst these kettles are more expensive than the average kettle, they have won several awards for their design quality.


This German founded kitchen appliance company dates back to 1846. It was founded by Robert Krups and the company started out making precision scales. They have since moved on to become one of Germany’s largest kitchen appliance companies.

Krups became a part of Groupe SEB in 2001 following financial troubles. Since then the company has bounced back and expanded to have manufacturing plants in various locations across Germany and one factory in China.

As mentioned, Krups do have a manufacturing plant in China so it’s difficult to say with exact certainty which of their products are made 100% in Germany. However, according to their website the following kettles are made in Germany. The Krups BW730D 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle and the Krups BW314050 Savoy Adjustable Temperature Electronic Kettle.


By far the oldest company on this list, Gaggenau was founded in 1683 in the Black Forest region of Germany. Of course, they weren’t making electric kettles back then! The company began life as an ore-smelting company before moving on to bicycles and then in the 90s to kitchen appliances.

Since 1995 Gaggenau has become a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte. As far as the manufacturing of products goes, Gaggenau manufactures products in Germany, as well as France. So it isn’t easy to say for sure which products are made where.

However, according to various sources, most of the company’s manufacturing still takes place in Germany, meaning that products like the Gaggenau 18/10 stainless steel whistling kettle are most likely made in Germany.


Here we have another German founded company. Siemens was founded in 1847 by Werner Von Siemens. This company has done it all! They have built planes, phone lines, and a whole lot more before taking a leap into the kitchen appliance market.

Today Siemens is one of the most well-known kitchen appliance brands in the world, with a whopping 337,000 members of staff working across more than 285 production centers located all over the world. This company is a behemoth!

As you can imagine, with so many employees and factory locations it’s difficult to say exactly where various products were manufactured. Whilst there are several manufacturing plants dotted around Germany, it’s near impossible to say for sure which ones are made in Germany. But if their website is to be believed then they do manufacture at least some of their kettles in Germany.


Finishing off this section with another German founded company, we have Leifheit. Now this entry may be a little fishy as whilst they don’t make kettles in the traditional sense, they do make Insulating Jugs. Now although they aren’t called kettles, it’s safe to say that they are kettles!

This company was founded back in 1959 and has its headquarters located in Nassau, Germany. All of their products are made in Germany, this includes their Insulating Jugs, obviously!

Electric Kettles Made in Germany

If you are in the market for an electric kettle made in Germany, then here are a few that you might like. Each of the products below was also featured in the entries above:

Glass Kettles Made in Germany

Glass kettles are becoming increasingly popular. They are stylish, they match the decor of almost every kitchen, and it’s easy to tell if there’s water in the kettle! Here is a website that specializes in German made glass kettles GermanGlassKettles. The reason why they didn’t get their own entry on the list above is that their kettles are specialty items and not standard kettles.

German Tea Kettles

For those old-fashioned people out there who love the look of traditional tea kettles, you still have plenty of options in this modern age. Here are a couple of German made tea kettles for you to take a look at:

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