Chainsaws Made in Germany (I Found Some!)


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German made chainsaws may seem like they would be hard to come by. But it may surprise some people to learn that there are actually a few companies that manufacture at least some chainsaws in Germany.


Which Brands Sell Chainsaws Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research I was able to find 1 German chainsaw manufacturer. That is Dolmar.

I was also able to find 4 other brands that produce some chainsaws in Germany, although details were hard to come by. The brands I found are Stihl, Makita, Poulan Pro, and McCulloch.

German-Made Chainsaws (Check This Brand Out)

Now that we know which chainsaw brand manufactures products in Germany, let’s take a look at it in a little more detail.


Dolmar was founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany. Its headquarters is located in the same place where Dolmar was founded. Dolmar is an industrial chainsaw company that is owned by its parent company, Makita.

As for manufacturing, Dolmar manufactures its chainsaws in its facility in Germany. However, the components come from various countries, including China and Mexico.

Dolmar is a pioneer in the chainsaw world. The company has achieved some impressive feats throughout the decades. Such as manufacturing the world’s lightest chainsaw back in 2005, creating the world’s first 4-stroke chainsaw prototype in 2004, and creating the world’s first chainsaw with an injection carburetor.

Chainsaw Brands That Produce Some Products In Germany (4 Brands)

Upon doing the research for this article, I came across a few brands that didn’t quite meet the criteria for the main list.

Although each of the companies listed below does manufacture at least some chainsaws in Germany, I was unable to identify with 100% certainty which products were made in Germany and which ones were made elsewhere.


Stihl was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl. The company’s headquarters is located in Waiblingen, Germany. Stihl has always been a business that is centered around chainsaws and various other garden power tools.

Stihl claims to be “the world’s best-selling brand of chainsaws.” And to back up Stihls’ claim the company has won numerous awards throughout the years for its high-quality products. This includes the Award of Excellence from IMA back in 2020.

As for manufacturing, Stihl has manufacturing facilities located all over the world. This includes a factory in Germany. However, I was unable to find Stihl’s exact products that were made in Germany. Here is a link to Stihl’s chainsaws for those who may still want to have a look.



I mentioned earlier in this article that Makita is Dolmar’s parent company. Well, Makita also manufactures its own line of chainsaws in Germany. Although it is unclear which models are made in Germany hence why it didn’t make the main list.

Makita was founded in Japan in 1915. It is a power tool company that manufactures an enormous range of products, this includes chainsaws.

As mentioned, I was not able to find out which models of Makita chainsaws are produced in Germany as Makita has manufacturing facilities in various countries with little information available on the specifics.


But for those who wanted to take a closer look at some of Makita’s chainsaws, here is a link to the company’s product page.

Poulan Pro (Husqvarna)

Poulan Pro is a part of the Husqvarna group. Poulan Pro was founded in 1946 in Louisiana. Whilst it is a US-founded company, the Husqvarna group is Swedish, so the company is based in both the US and Sweden, which makes things a little tricky to decipher.

As for manufacturing, Poulan Pro has facilities dotted across several countries. This includes Sweden, the US, China, and Germany.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out the specific items manufactured in Germany, so check with the company before you buy, as Poulan Pro’s products usually come with a “Made in Country Name” on the box.

For those who wish to see some of Poulan Pro’s products, here’s a link to its product page.


McCulloch (Husqvarna)

Finishing off this list we have McCulloch. Founded in 1943 in Arizona, McCulloch is a part of the Husqvarna group, so its products are made in the same locations as Poulan Pro. McCulloch is a garden power tool company, making everything from lawn mowers to chainsaws.

One difference between Poulan and McCulloch is that McCulloch seems to make more of its products in the US. But since it is a part of the Husqvarna group it also has facilities in Germany too. For those wanting to take a look at some of McCulloch’s chainsaws, here is a link to the company’s product page.

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