Food Processors Made in France (Are There Any?)


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These days, most companies are moving their manufacturing facilities to China in a bid to save money. Unfortunately, this can sometimes harm a product’s quality. In this article, I’ll be finding out if there are any high-quality food processors made in France.


Are There Any Brands That Produce Food Processors Made in France? (The Short Answer)

Some readers may be surprised to learn that there is one food processor company that manufactures its products in France. The brand that manufactures French made food processors is Magimix.

French Made Food Processor? Check Out This Brand

Now that we know which brand manufactures food processors in France, let’s look at the company in a little more detail.


Magimix was founded in the Burgundy region of France in 1963. The company specializes in manufacturing food preparation equipment such as food processors, juicers, and blenders. What sets this company apart from its competition is that it’s the only food processor company that manufactures all of its food processors in France.

This company takes being eco-friendly very seriously. The company has taken several steps over the years in a bid to become greener. This includes reducing waste by cutting down package sizes and by manufacturing its devices to be as energy efficient as possible. For more on Magimix’s eco-friendly policies, check this out.

As mentioned above, Magimix manufactures all of its food processors in France. The company’s food processors are all handmade in a factory located 70 miles Southwest of Dijon.



Magimix has accumulated multiple awards over the years for its high-quality products. This includes a Good House Keeping Award, a couple of Product Review Awards, and more.

As for its products, Magimix manufactures 5 different models of food processor. They range from small units designed for casual use all the way up to extra large multifunctional processors for large families and small businesses. Here’s a link to the company’s food processor product page.

Food Processors that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in France

As I was doing research for this article, I kept seeing Cuisinart mentioned by people looking for food processors made in France. While Cuisinart does manufacture some of its products in France, this doesn’t seem to be the case for its food processors.


Cuisinart is an American company that was founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer in Stamford, Connecticut. This is also the location of the company’s headquarters. Despite being an American company, its manufacturing occurs in France and China.



It seems like the only Cuisinart products that are made in France are a small line of cooking pans. But as for food processors, bakeware, blenders, and other cookware products, they all seem to be made in China.



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