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Food processors make kitchen life much easier. The ability to chop, mix, and blend without having to put in much effort is something that most people appreciate. With the number of food processor owners growing every year, many companies are outsourcing production to China to save money and increase production. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at food processors made in the USA.


Which Companies Sell Food Processors Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I was able to find two brands that produce American made food processors. They are Jacob Bromwell and Waring.

American Made Food Processors? I Found These Options

Now that we know which brands manufacture food processors in America, let’s take a look at both companies in a little more detail.

Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell dates back to the year 1819, and is the oldest houseware company in the US. The company started by selling things like teapots, popcorn poppers, and various other kitchen appliances. The company soon expanded to become the iconic brand that we know today.

Jacob Bromwell used to manufacture all of its products in the US. However, these days it manufactures its flasks in India. But as for the rest of this company’s products, they are all made in the US.

There are two factories located in Indiana and Vermont. From what I could find, this is where Jacob Bromwell’s food processors are manufactured before being shipped off and sold to consumers across the US and throughout many other countries worldwide.

Jacob Bromwell produces one model of food processor. Here’s a link to it for those who want to take a closer look.




Waring was founded in 1937 in the US. It is a well-known kitchen appliance company that sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide. From Grills and microwaves to waffle makers and food processors. The company manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances.

Waring is a company that takes pride in being an American manufacturer. The company manufactures all of its products in the US. However, it does state on the company’s website that some models include foreign parts. But aside from that, all the manufacturing takes place at its facility in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania.



Waring manufactures a handful of food processor models. All of Waring’s food processor models are designed for heavy-duty use. This makes them a great choice for large families and for those who use food processors on a daily basis. Here’s a link to Waring’s food processors for those who are interested in taking a closer look.

Food Processors that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being American Made

As I was looking for American food processor companies, I saw one company with various products labeled as made in America. However, upon closer inspection, this is no longer the case. I should also state that this misinformation is coming from sources other than the brand itself.

Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid is an internationally recognized kitchen appliance company that produces high-quality products for customers all over the world. Since it’s a big organization, it will come as no surprise that some of its products aren’t made in the US.

While Kitchen Aid manufactures many of its products in the US, some production is outsourced to facilities in Mexico and China. This makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the company’s food processors are made, hence why it didn’t make the main list.

According to one article, Kitchen Aid’s food processors are made in China. I found one other source that seemed to back up this statement, too. So, while Kitchen Aid does manufacture some of its products in the US, this doesn’t seem to be the case for its food processors. Yet because Kitchen Aid manufactures so many of its products in the US, people mistake the company as a solely US-based manufacturer.

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  1. How I wish these US companies can also make small appliances for residential use like hot water pot or kettle, food processor, etc.

    • I hear you, Gilne. Many times when doing research on any type of electrical items it seems to be the bigger commercial units that some companies produce in the USA rather than residential units. I’ll keep looking high and low though and will share anything I find on the site. Thanks for stopping by!


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