Dog Crates Made in the USA (Here’s What I Found)


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dog crates made in usa

Having a quality dog crate for your furry friend is vital. At the end of the day, your dog needs a comfortable retreat, a place where it can relax whilst also behaving at bedtime, and durability for a long-lasting purchase. Quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee all of the previously mentioned characteristics. That is why I have written an article on American-made dog crates.


Brands That Sell Dog Crates Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I was able to find five different companies that manufacture and sell dog crates in the US. These five companies are Gunner, TNC Crates, Carolina Dog Crate Co., Rock Creek Crates, and Front Range Gun Dog.


Gunner’s story begins with a dog. The light bulb moment occurred when Addison Edmonds, the owner, realized he was tired of traveling with his dog, Gunner, in plastic crates. Every plastic crate was far too fragile and needed replacing every year. This led to the idea of producing durable kennels for dogs and Edmonds wished to build the world’s best dog crate.

Gunner manufactures every dog crate in Nashville, Tennessee. Gunner’s mission is to provide quality and safe dog crates for every American canine and manufacturing each one in America helps to guarantee the best possible construction process.

Gunner Dog Crates Made in USA

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Check out this link to Gunner’s best transportable dog crate.

TNC Crates

TNC Crates started as a family-owned business in the welding and fabric field. The initial owner had a great deal of experience in fabricating and welding. Today the entire team shares this same passion and provides great service in welding high-quality dog crates. The main aim of TNC Crates is to provide safety for every dog whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Each crate can be custom-made online and a wide range of options are available for you to choose from. The sturdy crates provide safety and comfort whilst having many sizes available. Even specialty crates can be made to order for your pet. These dog crates are handmade and manufactured in the USA.

TNC Dog Crates Made in USA

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Here is a link to the website, where you can design your metal dog crates made in the USA or browse the available selections.

Carolina Dog Crate Co.

Carolina Dog Crate Co. was founded when the owner, previously a manufacturer’s representative, grew tired of traveling. Spending more time with her dog and realizing many issues, a quality crate was needed. This inspired the owner to create the dog crate that her canine best friend deserved.

The company’s passion is to design comfy crates for customers’ furry friends whilst also fitting the aesthetic of the customer’s living rooms. Not only are these crates living room worthy, but the quality materials and manufacturing process are implemented right out of North Carolina.

Carolina Dog Crate Co. Made in USA

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Take a look at Carolina Dog Crates Co. made in the USA dog crates.

Rock Creek Crates

Rock Creek Crates was founded by Jed and Mike in 2014 to bring safe, durable, and innovative dog crates to the market. Jed Packer was a veteran dog breeder and was unsatisfied with the quality of the dog crates on offer.

Rock Creek Crates believes in providing quality for every furry friend and because of this, all crates are manufactured in the USA. This allows the business to have complete control over manufacturing quality and materials. Rock Creek Crates is a family business that aims to “produce good, honest products for good, honest people.”

Rock Creek Dog Crates Made in USA

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Here is a link to Rock Creek Crates’ aluminum and American-manufactured dog crate.

Front Range Gun Dog

Front Range Gun Dog offers premium-quality crates followed by superior customer service. With over 30 years of experience in hunting and training with dogs, the owners are well-qualified in identifying what is best for all canines.

Front Range Gun Dog wishes to make quality dog crates easily accessible for any pet owner. All of Front Range Gun Dog’s crates are manufactured in the USA and that is why they are a top choice for customers. The manufacturing location is in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Front Range Gun Dog Crates Made in USA

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Check out this web page of Front Range Gun Dog’s best dog crates made in America.

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