Chicken Coops Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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chicken coops made in usa

Whether you are a farmer or simply an owner of chickens as pets in your back garden, having high-quality chicken coops is vital. When purchasing a chicken coop, you want to guarantee the safety and comfort of your chickens. That is why I have written an article on some of the best chicken coops made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Chicken Coops Made in America (The Short Answer

After plenty of research, I found five different companies that manufacture the chicken coops they sell in America. These five brands are The Hen House, The Chicken Coop Company, Carolina Coops, Ranch Coop, and Chicken Coop HQ. Let’s take a look at these in detail.

The Hen House

The Hen House is a family business that was formed in 2007. The owner, Elam Miller, began by building chicken coops in the family garage and agreed on deals to sell with local businesses. Today, this has expanded to 150 different dealers across the US. The Hen House aims to provide comfort and safety for your chickens across a variety of budgets.

A wide range of models is constructed and sold by The Hen House thanks to the current employees. Each and every chicken coop is handcrafted by Amish experts that use high-quality materials. Each product is handmade to order and can be personalized or customized upon request.

The Hen House ships all over America except Alaska and Hawaii. The Hen House’s Amish craftsmen manufacture all of its products in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The Hen House Chicken Coops Made in USA

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Check out this list of USA-made chicken coops by The Hen House.

The Chicken Coop Company

The Chicken Coop Company was founded by a family with a passion for backyard chickens. As a company, it prides itself on the finer details and extra steps taken for each product and customer service. The Chicken Coop Company aims to provide customers with the quality products they believe they are purchasing.

Each order is shipped 24 hours after the order is placed and meets every expectation required to maintain your chickens’ safety and comfort. The Chicken Coop Company operates and manufactures from the family’s home in Utah. Having complete control over the construction of each chicken coop means the business has complete supervision over the materials and manufacturing process.

The Chicken Coop Company Made in USA

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Look at this list of The Chicken Coop Company’s American-made chicken coops.

Carolina Coops

Carolina Coops is a family-operated business located in both Creedmoor, North Carolina, and Clifton Springs, New York. The idea to create Carlonia Coops began with the want for fresh eggs whilst living in a city.

The company creates and designs some of the best quality chicken coops, each one is custom-built, ensuring a durable chicken coop for every customer’s backyard. The chicken coops can be customized to suit each customer’s requests to maintain quality customer care. Every chicken coop sold by Carolina Coops is manufactured in the USA.

Carolina Coops Made in USA

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Here’s a link to the web page of American-made chicken coops sold by Carolina Coops.

Ranch Coop

Ranch Coop is a small family farm and business in the Northeast of Texas. Each and every chicken coop is made to order and shipped nationwide. As farm owners, the business founders are experts in raising many animals, especially chickens.

This ensures that each handcrafted coop provides the safety and comfort that your chickens require. All of Ranch Coop’s products are 100% made in America. Purchasing from Ranch Coop guarantees quality materials and local workers manufacturing each chicken coop.

Ranch Coop Made in USA

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Here is a list of Ranch Coop’s American-made chicken coops.

Chicken Coop HQ

Chicken Coop HQ strives to create “Amish-style” chicken coops. The primary size sold by Chicken Coops HQ is built for larger groups of chickens. But, all of the coops are customizable in order to satisfy every customer’s needs. Each customer may require different sizing or materials and allowing full customization ensures buyers are satisfied.

At Chicken Coop HQ, it does not wish to compromise on quality. Meeting quality standards is down to one thing, the manufacturing process. All of Chicken Coop HQ’s “Amish style” products are entirely made in the USA.

Chicken Coop HQ Made in USA

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Take a look at this list of Chicken Coop HQ’s best American-manufactured chicken coops.

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