Dog Beds Made in the UK (Here’s Your Options)


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Dog beds are a place of comfort and rest for your busy pups. Getting the right bed for your pet is important for several reasons. A durable and reliable bed that brings a place to rest is what will keep your furry friend happy. This is why I have written an article on dog bed manufacturers in the UK.


Brands That Sell Dog Beds Made in Britain (The Short Answer)

After researching dog beds made in the UK, I found five different companies. These companies are George Barclay, Ivy & Duke, Tuffies, Dog Co, and The Red Dog Company.

George Barclay

George Barclay is a company dedicated to producing premium pet products, to make the lives of you and your pet better. For more than 20 years, the team has been designing and manufacturing according to the reviews of customers, to tailor the beds to every dog’s needs. A significant amount of time is put into each and every dog bed. The beds are made to be machine-washed, so if your dog creates a mess, it can be cleaned with ease.

All of George Barclay’s dog beds are constructed and manufactured in England, with the majority of these items being made in Wiltshire. George Barclay believes this guarantees the comfort and support that your dog needs. The cushioning material is sourced from English suppliers, making each dog bed 100% British. With a vast range of products, different mattresses are provided for the age and size of every dog.

George Barclay Dog Beds Made in UK

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A list of quality British-made dog beds can be viewed below.

Ivy & Duke

Ivy & Duke is a family-run business that is located in Manchester, UK. Putting together passion for dogs and quality design has come together to create Ivy & Duke’s top-of-the-range dog beds. The owners recognized a strong lack of quality in the UK market for dog beds. Every dog bed has a personal touch and individualism with different fabric colors and a free personalization service to suit your canine. The products sold are recognized as distinctively different, just like every dog.

Every unique and personalized design is constructed with locally sourced materials. Its beds are handcrafted individually to order in Manchester. As a company, it believes that having handcrafting experts using locally sourced materials is integral to the quality of every product. Ivy & Duke are “British Through and Through”.

Ivy & Duke Dog Beds Made in UK

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Here’s a list of Ivy & Duke’s handcrafted dog beds manufactured in Britain.


Tuffies was founded in 2000. The owner felt there was a clear supply and demand for quality dog beds in the UK. Over the years Tuffies has grown rapidly and now sells durable dog beds all over the UK. All of Tuffies’ dog beds are made with premium-quality waterproof materials. This helps your furry friend maintain a happy, active, and healthy lifestyle.

The manufacturing facility of Tuffies is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A creative and happy team helps to skillfully construct every dog bed for your dogs. The team is constantly expanding, just like the business.

Tuffies Dog Beds Made in UK

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This is a list of Tuffies’ dog beds made in the UK.

Dog co

Dog Co produces luxury dog beds for all dogs. The business idea came about when the owner’s dog was always playing in the mud. It became difficult to wash the dog’s bed. The owner decided that making two dog beds with robust fabrics and memory foam pad bases would be the best step forward.

Founded in 2014, the business has now won multiple European design awards and Red Dot Design awards. Dog co believes that the quality of materials and manufacturing is vital for a premium dog bed. Each product is manufactured in Britain with British-sourced materials and ethical employment for the manufacturing. Dog Co’s bed makers are some of the longest-serving in the field in England.

Dog co Dog Beds Made in UK

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Here’s a list of Dog Co’s memory foam dog beds made in the UK.

The Red Dog Company

The Red Dog Company was founded based on the mission to design high-quality dog beds due to a lack of this on the market. Dogs work hard and The Red Dog Company recognized this. That is why it takes no shortcuts in producing premium-quality dog beds. Every bed is tested by a team of canines because this helps to develop products that The Red Dog Company is proud of.

The manufacturing facility of The Red Dog Company is based in Hampshire, UK. Only the best British materials are used in the construction process as the owners believe that this separates them from the rest.

The Red Dog Company Dog Beds Made in UK

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A list of The Red Dog Company’s UK-made dog beds can be seen below.

Honourable Mention

Often, small and local businesses may struggle to manufacture their entire product line in Britain. Although it provides local jobs and helps the environment, it is not always financially viable. Hence, some companies may produce the majority of stock in the UK, with a fraction being manufactured externally.

Chelsea Dogs

Chelsea Dogs was founded in London in 2009. The business began as a dog walking and dog daycare service for the local community. This expanded and became a business involved in dog products, mainly beds. Chelsea Dogs is now recognized as the leading online British retailer that specializes in dog beds.

After some research, Chelsea Dogs sources around 80-90% of its products in Britain. This means that the remaining products may be manufactured externally and use non-British materials.

Chelsea Dogs Beds Made in UK

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