Blenders Made in Germany (3 Brands)


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Quality blenders are hard to come by these days. Most companies tend to outsource production to the cheapest countries. While this drives down the cost it has a negative impact on the quality. Today we will be looking at quality blenders made in Germany.


Which Brands Make Blenders in Germany? (The Short Answer)

I did some research and came across three German blender brands. Those are Bartscher, Ritterwerk, and Zwilling. There’s also an honorable mention at the end too.

Find a Blender Made in Germany – 3 Different Brands

Now that we know which brands of blenders are made in Germany let’s have a look at each one in more detail.


Bartscher was founded in 1876. They have mainly focused on kitchen appliances since the beginning. Now, Bartscher is one of the leading kitchen appliance companies in Europe.

Bartscher work supplying large companies that have industrial-sized kitchens. But don’t panic, they sell regular consumer products too.

All of Bartscher’s products are manufactured in Salzkotten, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. This makes them one of the few blender brands that manufacture 100% of their blenders within Germany.

According to the company website, Bartscher has a 16,500 square-foot storage facility where they keep more than 2,000 products waiting and ready to be shipped off at a moment’s notice. This includes its range of blenders.

Bartscher has an excellent range of blenders ranging from the cheaper everyday ones to the more expensive ones that are aimed toward commercial use. Since most of you reading this will be looking for a blender for your home, I’ll only include the standard blenders on this list below:


Ritterwerk is a German company founded in 1905 by Franz Ritter. The headquarters for Ritterwerk is located in Gröbenzell, Germany. The company started making kitchen appliances in the 1930s.

The company has remained true to its roots and remained in Germany throughout its existence. All of Ritterwerk’s products are made in Germany, making it one of the few kitchen appliance companies to do so.

As for blenders, Ritterwerk makes two different ranges of hand blenders. Their blenders are built to last, they are made with high-quality materials, and they all have automatic safety shut-off features. The blenders that Ritterwerk manufacture are:


Finishing up this section we have Zwilling. This company was founded by Peter Henckels way back in 1731. Although, they weren’t making electric blenders back then! Founded in Solingen, Germany, this company is one of Germany’s oldest kitchenware manufacturers.

Zwilling is well known for its high-quality kitchen knives. But not many people know that they also sell kitchen blenders.

Zwilling has expanded over the years and now has manufacturing locations in a wide range of countries. However, according to their website, they manufacture most of their blenders in Germany.

There are around 10 different Zwilling blenders on their website. Some of those are for commercial use. However, they also produce a handful of blenders that are aimed at everyday consumers. Those blenders include:

Honorable Mention

There is a brand that didn’t quite make the main list, Syntrox. This is because although they are a German-based brand it is unclear just how much of the production takes place in Germany.

Different sources say different things. Some websites mention the USA, others mention China, and then, of course, some say Germany. There is no clear answer on their official website either, hence the honorable mention, just in case you want to investigate further.

Some of the blenders that Syntrox make are:

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