Microwaves Made in Germany (Yes, They Exist)


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Most people don’t know where their microwaves are made. Unfortunately, companies are always looking for the cheapest manufacturing costs. They achieve this by outsourcing the work to cheaper countries. In this article, we will be looking at quality microwaves made in Germany.


Which Companies Manufacture Microwaves in Germany? (The Short Answer)

Upon doing some research I was able to find two microwave companies that manufacture their products in Germany. Those companies are Blaupunkt and Miele.

Find a Microwave Made in Germany – 2 Different Brands

So now that we know which brands manufacture microwaves in Germany, let’s have a look at each company in a little more detail.


Blaupunkt is a German company founded in Hildesheim. It was founded in 1924. According to Wikipedia, it was owned by Robert Bosch, but it is unclear whether or not he was the founder.

The company specializes in electronic equipment, which includes a relatively wide range of microwaves. All of Blaupunkt’s products are produced, designed and manufactured in Germany. The company has more than 8,700 employees working on producing high-quality products.

Blaupunkt’s parent company is Aurelius AG which in turn is owned by Lloyds Pharmacy. So although it is a company that produces its products in Germany that may change, as it seems like there may be plans to expand the company internationally.

As for Blaunpunkt’s microwaves, they produce several microwave ovens. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain individual links to each item. However, here is a link for Blaunpunkt’s online store where you can at least have a look at the different models. A few of their microwaves made in Germany include:

  • Blaupunkt 5MA 36700 Integrated microwave oven
  • Blaupunkt 5MA 16100 Integrated microwave oven
  • Blaupunkt 5MA 15500 Integrated microwave oven


Miele is another German-founded company. It was created in 1899 in Herzebrock, Germany. It was founded by Carl Miele. The company has always been a high-end domestic and commercial appliance company.

As for manufacturing, Miele has 8 manufacturing plants in Germany, 6 manufacturing plants throughout Europe, and 1 in China. As you can imagine, this makes it quite difficult to say with 100% certainty that a product was made entirely in Germany.

However, according to their website, most of the manufacturing takes place in Germany. This includes the manufacturing of microwaves. But after some digging I found that whilst the microwaves are mainly made in Germany, some of the components come from other countries.

But, with that aside, here are some of the German-made microwaves by Miele:

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